Monday, August 29, 2011


Delectable that was created by Mother Nature: The view outside my alternative office in Middletown, Connecticut that I visit at least twice a month. The rolling hills coupled with the lazy Mattabesset River offer a breathtaking view that rivals only my blog's namesake for caressing the spirit, relaxing the soul and washing away the stresses and aggravations of the day.

Delectable that was created by God: A young lady in her mid twenties walking down the sidewalk to a church in Cromwell, Connecticut. She was fashionably dressed in a tastefully mid thigh length black skirt with a black blouse that had blue, purple and yellow flames splashed across the front and side. With a pair of black sunglasses on her face, a fashionable pair of comfortable heels and the breeze catching her black hair just so, she was a welcome diversion, however brief, on a hot hazy late August afternoon drive home from work.

Incredibly ugly and a bad first impression: A large burnt orange/burnt red color fish tattoo on a woman's upper arm. My friends, while I truly admire a well drawn tattoo, be it on a male or female, certain types of tattoos should not be visible. If you wish to put a large animal on your body, please put it somewhere so that in order to see it, you actually have to remove a part of clothing.

That was a very pleasant surprise: My wonderful wife read one of my short stories last weekend and her opinion of it was thus, "I liked the story because it was about the four seasons on the mountain, the mountain itself and life on the mountain." I am hoping that she will read my other short story soon.

That wasn't entirely unexpected: A rejection of my short story "The Right Thing", which was featured in the early spring of 2010 at my closed short story blog. I tweaked and tightened the content to make it flow smoother. But I am not worried, for I will eventually find a home for it somewhere. A light hearted romance is always good for the soul.

That I really didn't want to do, but I can't afford an extra $100 a month out of my paycheck/$350 per person deductible increase in my health insurance: I had to sign up for ObamaCare at work last week. This was one of the more revolting pieces of chicanery that was foisted upon the rank & file here in Connecticut. In order not to face that increase, I had to opt in. However, because I have one of six pre-existing conditions (diabetes), I had no choice but to opt in. Sucks moose testicles.

That I really enjoy 100% of the time: You.

So keep yourself safe, keep yourself sane and most importantly, keep doing what makes you you.

For my friends who live on the east coast, I sincerely hope that you made it through Hurricane Irene with minimal damage done to your belongings and zero damage done to you.

For my friends who live elsewhere, don't let nothing stop you from enjoying life.

For everyone, as a dear Facebook friend of mine is very fond of saying and believing, cherish your loved ones.


  1. This past hurricane weekend was the best weather we have had in 4 months. I was definitely enjoying it.

  2. Sorry about the health cost increase. I've seen some pretty ugly tats too.

  3. Lots of good observations, G. :) Here's the one I like the most - that your wife liked your story.

  4. Blimey G, you've gone all fuzzy on us with this post!

    I was thinking today that I do like a few tattoos on females but not with dresses. I just don't think the 2 images go well together. Mind you I'm not that keen on women in dresses, so what do I know?

    Now, R Kitty is going to kill me!

  5. Bearman: Normally, that would be a scary thought, but considering you're in the midwest, I can understand why the remnants of Tropical Storm Irene would be a good thing to experience.

    Charles: It really does bite. It seems like almost every state that went for Obama in '08 is getting ObamaCare.

    I've seen some nastier tats than this particular one, but this one unfortunately stands out like some dressing casual at a formal get-together.

    Lynn: Thanks.

    That seems to be my favorite observaion as well. :D

    Still a little worried about her reading the second one because that one is more like what she watches for television. Sometimes watching something gritty doesn't necessarily mean you would enjoy reading something gritty.

    Joe: I'm incredibly keen on women wearing dresses. It just does something to me when I see a good looking woman dressed smartly in which a dress is a key component of the wardrobe.

    I find its a fine line though when it comes to wearing a dress and a tattoo, as some women can pull it off and some can't.

    And I don't think that R will let you have it too bad. :D

  6. Remind me to use the phrase "sucks moose testicles" in a sentence soon!

  7. R: Will do.

    Most everything connected with ObamaCare sucks moose testicles.

    It's expensive. The mandates are stupid. And the employers will go broke in the long run in trying to comply with it.

  8. I'm so glad your wife read your story, G. I knew she'd love it! :)

  9. LOL... "ObamaCare sucks moose testicles" would be a great motto... I'm pretty sure my husband would buy that if it was on a bumper sticker... :)

    I just saw a girl at a Subway who was wearing a shirt that didn't quite cover her stomach all the way, so I was able to see part of a tattoo peeking out -- unfortunately, all I could see was a leg. One leg. Which made me wonder -- was there MORE to this tattoo? Or did she just have a tattoo of a leg on her stomach?? I guess I'll never know... :)

  10. Talon: I re-read the story at work today during my break (printed out a hard copy from "Beat To A Pulp") and even though I wrote almost 4 years ago, it still made me misty-eyed after reading it.

    Lisa: We had a vendor at work today that was selling quite a few things featuring the President and it was all I could do not to insult this vendor about the President.

    Sounds a bit scary for a tattoo. Reminds me a young lady a couple of years ago who a rather large tattoo on her chest, but all you could see were two anttenae.


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