Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Writing That Ain't Written Rotten

Here we go gathering flakes in May, leaves in May, buds in May. Here we go gathering paper in May so early in the evening.


Not necessarily stoned, but mutated.

Anyways, not much to report on the home front for writing, but since this is Writing Wednesday, and not Wasted Wednesday, we will dispense of the drug related humor that was sponsored by the following: A children's nursery rhyme, Homer Simpson and Devo, and instead commence with the following random tidbits of minutia that will culminate at the end with a very FREE (seriously) offer.

1} Short story trilogy. This past week I began work on my second story of a planned trilogy. Originally I didn't plan to write a trilogy, but because I had ended my story with the following paragraph:

Her father closed the door, took out his cell and punched in a number. Seconds later, he said, "He's on his way. Can't miss him as Charla is driving the minivan. Are we good then? Great. Pleasure doing business with you. Goodbye."

Closing the phone, he shook his head and said, "Sucker."

It left me really with no other choice but to pen at least one more story to compliment the first one. And since I was playing with a self imposed limit of 5,500 words, that meant a third (at the very least) would also be in order.

And like normal, I'm having more progress with this planned trilogy via longhand than I am with the computer. Also, whereas the title of the first story is called "The Backpack", the current title of the second story is called "The Delivery". I'm toying with calling the third story "Acceptance" but it's not quite concrete yet.

2} Novel "A Lascivious Limbo". As I mentioned previously, my current project has been shelved until I get this short story out of my system. I haven't done any work on it since the end of July, but I'm shooting for September to get back into the swing of things. Still got a funeral, wake and a suicide to write, but at least I got the basic foundation for those items written.

3} Novel "Line 21". Not much to report on this front. I'm still waiting for a response from the publisher that I had submitted to back in early July. Once I get that response, I'll figure where to go from there. Been doing some research in the way of other publishers via Duotrope, so hopefully I'll find some that will pan out for me.

4} FREE STUFF!. That's right, you heard correctly. I gots free stuff, or to be more precise, a free item. The other day, I got my non-complimentary subscription to one of the literary journals that had sponsored a story contest last year in which I had entered a story (no, not Red Stripe, although it would be ironic if it was for that). Usually when I get those journals, they get the briefest of glances from me, then find a home in the recycling barrel. However, because this thing is a rare hardcover (most journals are soft covers), I thought I would do something better with it.

Namely, offer it to the first reader who wants, free of charge. The literary journal in question is the Tampa Review, volume #41, published by The University of Tampa. If you're interested in this fine literary journal, let me know in the comment section or shoot me an e-mail with the particulars and I will mail it to you free of charge. If I have more than one reader interested, I will have a random drawing to decide who gets this nifty volume.

In addition to getting this fine literary journal in your mailbox, I will also send to you a copy of my self-pubbed chapbook "Betrayed!" This book remains one of my better attempts at writing a medium length short story. It has action, it has sex (although not as graphic as what I wrote for Line 21 nor what I was writing for Dandelion Tears) and it has drama.

For those of you who may be interested in taking another look at my writing, especially since I got a few published stories under my belt, I'm offering "Betrayed!" for the low price of $5 (which is more than 30% off my list price). I'll pick up not only the sales tax, but the shipping and handling as well. For more details, please check out my book blog.


  1. I can't picture you *not* writing graphic sex!

  2. You sound so busy with the writing, G - I'm impressed. And I didn't realize you had a book blog.

  3. I got a free issue of Fantasy and SF recently, although it turned out not to be quite so free as I thought it was when I got the first copy downloaded. It's nice to get such things. A short story trilogy is an interesting way of going about it. It sounds like it might be a nice marketing tool as well.

  4. R: I know it's difficult to imagine me not writing graphic sex, but there are times when I can actually sustain an entire story without graphic sex.

    This happens to be one of them.

    Lynn: I set up my book blog way early in my blogging career because I originally wanted sell my future writings through my blogs and this was the easiest way of doing it. Alas, the last entry made on it was almost two years ago.

    Charles: I never really thought about using the trilogy as a marketing tool but I suppose it wouldn't be that bad of an idea in the long rung.

    I wrote the first story because I had such a problem working on the novel that I needed try something different before I imploded.

    I've gotten quite a few literary subscriptions over the years, but for the most part, I glance at them before sending them to the recycling bin.


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