Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Am I Wasting Your Time Today?

I'm one of those old skool peoples who enjoys reading newspapers. Problem is, today's newspapers really suck bull moose testicles. Anyways, the one thing that really bugs me about today's newspapers is when they publish a story that is such waste of ink and pulp that you have to give yourself a mental bitch slapping for wasting your valuable time in reading it to begin with.

Such is the possible end result after reading this particular post. The wasting of your valuable time that is, not the mental bitch slapping, unless you're into that kind of kinkiness, then by all means, feel free to spank yourself silly with a ruler and a whip, or have someone else spank you silly with a ruler and a whip.

I actually had a three page handwritten rough draft of a post sitting on my copyboard, waiting patiently to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. However, after taking another long read and giving myself a Moe Howard slap on my cerebellum, I realized that the post wasn't what I thought it was, and in fact, it was simply a rehash and reheat on how and why I bend towards the opposite sex when I write my stories (yeah, pun is intended).

Shame really that I didn't post it, because it was probably the best concrete explanation that I've been able to come up with in the past six years of why I write the female characters that I write. But I didn't, so I'm stuck with trying to come up with something that is writing related and yet won't drive anyone away.Lets face it folks, anytime I put something up that is related to my personal writing endeavors, 99% of the time people click on through and move on to the next blog on their subscription/reader list.

So that leaves me with the thorny problem of not giving you the feeling that you're wasting your time today while you're reading my blog.


So, one of the few Anon commenters that actually posted a thoughtful comment the other day (and someone who is apparently a long time reader of this blog) asked me a question about my current writing project, Blackness In The White Sand. The question was: Is this story going to feature a main character that was just as nasty as the one in the original version of Blackness In The White Sand?

I did answer their question, but after thinking about it for most of that day, I decided that my answer could be improved upon.

I'm not sure how many of you were reading my blog in 2009, but back then, I decided to expand on a short story that I published in my closed short story blog called "The Sand". The story itself was about a woman who had decided to check out a secluded nude beach and had a freaky encounter with a strange man. When the encounter finished, the young lady had found herself turned into a vampirish hybrid (I was on a vampire kick back then).

Anyways, I came up with the brilliant idea of expanding it, and in no time at all, I was churning out a lot words. I was also churning out a lot of violence in the story as well. I wasn't uncomfortable with it because the plot revolved around the woman searching for the guy so that she could be turned back into a human again, so she pretty much was on a rampage from the very first page of chapter one.

The story itself was pretty freaky to begin with as my imagination was really running helter skelter at the time because I was also starting to get a little bit interested not only in the concept of Hell but a little bit of horror as well (see, I'm not totally against horror). The main character in that twenty-two page piece of slop was indeed nasty and one of the things that I used to do back then whenever I wanted to do a writing update was to showcase a little bit of what I was working on. In this particular case, I want to share with you that particular excerpt from the original incarnation of Blackness In The White Sand.

The reason why I want to share it with you is threefold: One, it will give you a basic idea on how I used to write back then; two, it will give you a taste on just how violent and nasty I could get with my writing; and three, I'm leaning towards having that same level of nastiness in the newer incarnation.

Warning: it is pretty nasty, so reader discretion is strongly advised.

An excerpt from the original version of Blackness In The White Sand.


  1. Well, *I* enjoyed it, particularly because it brought a rather fun memory to mind! Great pun, btw.

  2. R: Thankee...:D

    Glad you enjoyed it. Been thinking about shaking things up next week for the blog as I got some funky ideas that I want to write about and I need to think about where to put them.


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