Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Brain Is Still Being Pinched, But Now I Like It

I actually got a halfway decent update on my various writing projects to share with everyone, so let's shove our faces deep into the pile of your fruit pastry of choice and start chomping away at it.

The trunk novel that I dug out of my bin about month or so ago, A Lascivious Limbo, has now found its way back into the bin. I belatedly came to the realization that for the moment, I am unable to reconcile the various plot threads that currently populate the book with each other so that I could properly finish the book. Some day I may take it back out and finish it, but for now, it's taking a very long siesta.

The short story trilogy that I've been having a problem getting restarted has bit the dust. However, do not weep for the death of the trilogy, because after I had given some serious thought about the basic plot of the trilogy (contract hit), I realize that this would function a whole lot better as a novella/novel than as a trilogy. Thus, novel number five was born, which I will install future posts under the tag "novella". I also decided to recycle a previous novella title, thus this fifth novella/novel will be called Blackness In The White Sand.

As for the twin toned complex mini-dynamos that I'd spend all of 2010 writing about both here on the blog and ultimately a polished 149 page manuscript, I e-mailed another query to another e-publisher over the weekend, this time to Carina Press, which is the digital arm of Harlequin Books. According to their guidelines, they don't mind simultaneous submissions and I should expect an answer in 14 to 16 weeks.

Interesting thing about me and the query process: even though I'm getting better at putting the proper components together for a query, it takes me at least two weeks (or in this case, two months) to do the grunt work required in order to have a presentable query.

So that's what's going down with me with my writing this week. Tune in next Wednesday when we'll feature another absoutely-heart-stopping-brain-thumping-just-about-ready-to-break-out-the-Huggies look at what I'd produced for sentences and paragraphs the previous week.

Or....maybe I'll just talk about why being a writer makes you view everyone and everything with a detachment that borders on flippancy.


  1. Keep at it, G. I want to read that detachment thing. :)

  2. Sorry I found it hard to read this post. I think maybe because I had my face shoved deep into an apple pie. I could have done with some custard, or maybe fresh cream?

  3. Lynn: Will do.

    I actually started thinking about that post on the way home from work today. Should be interesting to see not only what I come up with, but how to write it without offending anyone.

    Joe: Even though I'm a diabetic, apple pie remains my absolute favorite fruit pie of all time.

    Fresh cream? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...:D

  4. nice...

    start with fruit pastry and then...

    well, fruit pastry...

    actually i am impressed that you can have that many projects and not just shove them all in a box and just sit around watching the telly...

    all of my books are basically just in cyber limbo...

  5. Bruce: Actually, I have a lot of stuff shoved into a box right now. In addition to the trunk novel that I'd put away, I also have a couple of short stories that need to be re-written that I put away because I didn't want to sit there and spend hours trying to untangle the plot threads.

    Fruity pastry is a universal dessert. Goes well with anything.

  6. I took one of those trunk novels out this summer with some thought of working on it. Edited a couple of chapters and put it back in the trunk. I just didn't see a way of saving it.

  7. Charles: Most of my trunk novels/trunk stories fall into that category. I take them out, I skim through, then I put back. I can save the stories that are one to two years old (like my published shorts), but for the most part, I just can't salvage them.

    However, I am determined to salvage that particular novel. I like the concept and I like what I wrote so far. I just have to tidy up those loose ends.

  8. I would like to read your views on the last statement :)

  9. Chintan: So would I. :D

    Seriously though, I start writing the post out yesterday at work when I had few minutes to kill before my courier arrived (I write out about 95% of my posts by hand before I transcribe to the computer).

    The only problem I'm having with it is how to write it without offending a small part of my readership.

  10. I remember that intense Blackness In The White Sand. story- on FGS. So will the novella feature the same murderous main Character?

    Glad you're getting those queries out again!

  11. Joey- I thought you were allergic to apples?!!!

  12. Anon: Glad you got such a good memory.

    No, this time around it features two MC's: one is a soul catcher who is tricked into taking a job that would lead to a contract on his person and the other is one of the conspirators who had a change of heart.

    Snaggle: Apples are da bomb!


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