Sunday, September 18, 2011

Picture Me A Little Bit Sad

Over at Shooting Suburbia we have the final installment of "The Many Days In The Life Of Yello Bear" for your enjoyment, which also marks the end of the current incarnation of that blog as everyone knows it. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was leaning towards putting my picture blog on a short hiatus because not only was I getting ready to do a little job hunting but I was becoming mighty unmotivated to continue it.

For the time being, my wonderful picture blog is going on a temporary hiatus. The job hunting is going excruciatingly slow (45 minutes to do one online app, which is pretty damn discouraging) and the motivation to continue the picture blog is still pretty much shot to pieces.

But that isn't to say that there might be some light at the end of the tunnel, because I did have an epiphany of sorts while I was out doing my morning errands this past Saturday (9/17).

This past Saturday, the day and the weather were picture perfect. In other words, it was sunny and just mild enough for an early autumn day that you could wear a hoody without sweating. While I was walking, I got to enjoying the scenery so much that I actually reached into my pocket for a camera to take pictures. Then I remembered that I haven't carried a camera on me for about five months.

But then I got to thinking about a suggestion that a couple of regular blog readers had made when I was lamenting my use of disposable cameras: why didn't I get one of those cheapy digital cameras to use?

Viola! A solution to one part of the problem.

I have one of those cheapy video cameras that doubles as a digital camera. I have a reusable memory card, and I have one of those USB cables to upload the pics to my computer.

I still have motivation issues as well as time issues to work on, but if enough things finally start to fall into place, Shooting Suburbia will once again be an active participant in the world of Weblogs. Until then, it simply remains just another testament to my ability to start up a semi-successful blog that poaches yet another part of the creative person that is me.


  1. Hunt for something that inspires it a cup of coffee or a walk in the park...

    I am on a job hunt too and it can drain the hell out of the motivation factor!

  2. Lana sure loves her digital cameras. I'm gonna have to get her a second external hard drive just to make room for her files.

  3. Chintan: I still do a bit of walking year round, as I perform my Saturday morning errands on foot, no matter what the weather may be.

    It's not so much as not being inspired but more towards running out of subject matter. I've basically run out of new things to photograph and I haven't had the time or money to go off on side trips to do it.

    R: Yello Bear will still pop up from time to time, whenever I need a quicky ending to a post.

    Charles: I'm sold on that little flash drive of mine that I picked up last month. Wound up freeing about 1 GB of space on the computer.

    I'm still a bit of a Luddite when it comes to new techie things, so it may take me a while to get used to carrying this cheapy digital camera with me.

  4. Hello!

    Sorry to hear your S.S. blog will be on hiatus. Are you looking for a job because you want a change or because you were a Malloy victim? Good luck with your search. These days it can be discouraging. What are you looking for?

  5. Also, I get what you're saying about dwindling subject matter. I've had to cut down on trips and am having a hard time getting to any place new. Again, good luck!

  6. Snow: Glad to see you again. I'm starting to look for a 2nd job, because my one paycheck isn't cutting it right now.

    Basically I'm looking for something part time about 15-20 hours a week.

    It's getting tougher to not only find new subject matter, but just finding the time to take the pictures to begin with.

  7. I keep my camera with me at all times. It's a small, slip in the pocket digital one and I love it.
    I love the Picasa program, free from Google, where you can upload your photos, edit them very easily and create an album and send it to other people. :)Bea

  8. That disposable camera or cheap camera idea sounds like a good solution. I like having my camera with me.

  9. Bea: All of the photos that I post on my blog make it to Piccassa. I originally created the blog because a few of my readers couldn't properly access the links to the photo albums.

    Lynn: Eventually, I'll start remembering to carry that cheapy camera around with me. But for now, I'm taking a much needed break from the pictorial side of life.

  10. I agree, it seems like free time isn't as abundant as it used to be. I get what you're saying about your paycheck too. I've been thinking about a second job and might go for a seasonal Christmas job. Good luck.

  11. Snow: Thanks. Not sure that I want to do seasonal. I have a tendency to react very badly whenever I'm termed from a job, no matter what the reason.


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