Sunday, September 11, 2011

Picture Me Saying "Pluck!"

I deal with the tragedy that was 9/11 by not dwelling on it. I say a prayer to those who left this world much too soon in New York City, in Washington DC and in Pennsylvania. They will always be remembered in our hearts, in our minds and in our souls. May their spirits always be at peace.

Over at Shooting Suburbia, we have our second to the last post of the amazing journey of Yello Bear, which coincidentally is the second to the last post before that wonderfully little niche blog takes a well deserved vacation.

Over here, we have the father of all rants. No obscenities will be uttered, which is why the title of the post is a malapropism.

My friends, the end is coming soon. Not in the biblical sense of the word, but reality based. I'm slowly reaching the end of my tolerance with certain things related to Google. It seems that in its infinite wisdom and keeping in line with its policy of continually offering bells and whistles without addressing the problems associate with the previous offerings of bells and whistles and thus driving people away, Google has managed to get me to purchase that one way ticket out of town.

Basically the problem is that Google's e-mail program as well as Blogger is unable to figure out that I have IE8 as a browser on my computer and not IE7. IE7 originally came with the computer, but I was able to upgrade to IE8 about two years ago, then I was able to reinstall IE8 when XP had to be reinstalled on my computer last year. Since their customer service forum was of no help, I was forced to come up with my own solution to this particularly annoying problem.

Which was to change how I do business in the Cyber World. Which meant to change most of my e-mail life over to Microsoft's wonderfully annoying e-mail system Hotmail. Hotmail won the battle over Yahoo simply because Hotmail has a feature similar to Gmail, in which you can move the cursor over the sender's e-mail and find out instantly where that e-mail actually came from. Great for detecting spam and what not.

So not only are my notifications from Blogger going to Hotmail, but my notifications from Facebook are going there as well. Also, my day to day contacts with friends are moving over there as well, so for those of you who have e-mailed me from time to time on personal matters, the main part of the e-mail addy is still the same. Just use at the end of the addy instead of the current, and things should be peachy keen.

One other thing: I also changed my homepage from Google to...yeech...MSN.

Bottom line is this: changing about 85% of the way I currently conduct business in the Cyber World should bring me a little peace of mind to my already fractured and chaotic real world. Because frankly, if I can transfer that peace of mind to my real world, then I'll be able to tolerate the inevitable change that will be coming to Blogger, whether I want it or not.


  1. Blogger has already introduced some changes and weird things happened with me as a result. I guess "Progress" cannot be held back.

  2. Charles: Progress for the sake of progress sucks.

    I'm not sure how it is in the academic world, but here in the guv'ment world, progress means that the acronym SNAFU and the phrase "clusterf*ck" get bandied about with a greater degree of frequency and accuracy that the average person simply can't handle.

    BTW, the suggestion from Google was to download another browser (i.e. Chrome) to solve the problem.

  3. Now I feel like a winner for keeping my Hotmail account. I never got on the Gmail bandwagon, but that wasn't a conscious decision so much as an effect of inertia.

  4. S.R.: I originally got a Gmail account back in 2008, a few months after I started blogging, because I was still heavily involved with the chat room scene and I wanted to create a 4th persona for myself.

    Up until a few weeks ago, I loved using Gmail for everything in my life. I was using Yahoo mostly for junk mail and stats reports for my blogs, and Hotmail mostly for junk mail and the occasional story submission (most publishers/e-zines/businesses use Hotmail as the e-mail program of choice).

    Now I'm moving my life back to Hotmail, and I won't be using Gmail much for anything beyond collecting spam and the occasional e-mail from a few businesses that send me stuff.

  5. funny part of that is I moved to gmail because of the "progress" hotmail made that made it unusable...and yahoo has always sucked giant hairy underarm monkey pit sweat...

    and as you say, gmail is declining by leaps and bounds. grr-animal

  6. I am also dealing w/ 9/11 by not dwelling on it.

    It would suck moose testicles not to have you blogging!

  7. Blogger is still driving me nuts. They seem to focus on constant unnecessary changes, leaving a trail of disaster behind them!

  8. Darth: About the only thing I've found different with Hotmail this time around is I don't have any compressed screen issues when I reply to someone. Before when I used to reply to someone, I would get a compressed screen which would give me about two inches of space to use.

    E-mail is e-mail is e-mail is e-mail.

    R: I wouldn't stop blogging, but it certainly would make me give serious thought to switching to another service.

    Joe: The Google Help forum gave me a work around suggestion to this issue late last night, so we shall see if it eliminates the problem.

    I still agree with your sentiment 100%

  9. I can't keep up with all these changes. I love Blogger and would be devastated if it went the way of MySpace. But I'm sure I'll get over it eventually :-)

  10. Jewel: I hope it doesn't wind up like MySpace. But you do have a point. Too many missteps really ruined MySpace, and the same thing can happen to Blogger as well.


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