Monday, October 17, 2011

Blogging Is Hard!

Blogging Is Hard!

I mean....OUCHIES!...I think I pulled muscles in my brain from trying to think about something to blog about.

Day in and day out, I pinch, I poke, I twist, I insert long sharp objects into my ears, but nothing seems to work. No ideas, no wittiness, no nuthin'. Just small chunks of grey matter and the occasional trail of brain juices making a gunky trail down the side of my face.

I don't know, maybe my brain is on...ummmm.....ummmm.....ummmm.....????

I feel so......lost. Like my brain took a trip somewhere, which would explain the sticky gooey trail next to my bed this morning.

I'm not feeling so good. I think I better lie down, 'cause I'm feeling just a little unwell.*

*I heard this song on the radio at Staples last week and I wanted to find a way to work it into a post


  1. I hope happier days are ahead, G.

  2. I hope blog inspiration strikes soon and your creative muse is feeling better. I find most of my blog inspiration from my photos.

    I hadn't seen this video and liked Matchbox Twenty. Does Rob Thomas still perform with them, or is he only a solo act now?

  3. Love the video, the song is ok.

    So are you unwell or was it just a way to use this song? :D

  4. aww...please take rest.
    reading may help? usually when i can not blog, i check news or look for some topic that infuriates me :) it helps..

  5. hahaha yes I fear you may have a heart attack from all of that, you better lie down, that must have took alot out of you.

  6. Nothing wrong with me that I can see but I'm feeling a little that way too. Not sure why.

  7. Lynn: Happier days are always ahead. I just liked the song and wanted to find a humorous way to work it in.

    Joanne: The muse has been doing pretty good as of late. I think Rob Thomas is a solo act now, but since I don't listen to much radio, I could be wrong.

    Joe: Just a way to use the song. Sometimes a song will inspire me to write a post for it, and this was one of those times.

    B.B.: I have a few topics up my sleeves that do infuriate me, but since they're work related, I have to be extra careful on how I present them.

    Pat: I tell ya, I is one worn up person. I should take a siesta later this evening in the moonlight.

    Charles: Sometimes, ya just have to let it run its course. :D

  8. It's easier when you live with someone who steals your Astroglide.

  9. Yes, blogging subjects get fewer, but the bright side is, nothing traumatic is happening to inspire more intense posting! That's a good thing!

  10. R.: But is Astroglide better to use that KY? Does it have the same friction capabilities?

    Google "astroglide vs ky" to find out. :D

    Snaggle: True. Most things that have happed to me as of late have not been very traumatic, just annoying.

  11. My brain seems to take mysterious trips into the unknown far too often, resulting in bizarre and random blog posts... but hey, it makes things interesting... :)

  12. Lisa: My blog seems to have taken trips into the unknown tonight. The only I've been able to properly access my blog is log in to my gmail account then go to my blog via my RSS feed, then log in again to Blogger.

    Yup, it's a strange trip indeed.

  13. Just chill G:) Take the pressure of yourself to write and it will just come in its own good time.

    I like that song very much. I can tell that it is one that is really going to grow on me:) I like the banjo in it too. Nice touch.

  14. Jane: There usually isn't any pressure but every once in a while I like to show a different side of me, so it can create a few problem.

    Nevertheless, the muse is starting to come back around this week.

    Yeah, it's a catchy tune.

  15. I have had to take a rest from Blogger blogging. And I think many folks are happy with that decision. :)

    Great video, G.

  16. David: I'm not so sure about that. Even a little bit of David on a blog, for those of us w/o Twitter, goes a long way. :D

    I like Rob Thomas and this song is so appropo for me now.


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