Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Good Thing About Storm Alfred

Got a two part post for ya today. Part one starts here while part two takes place at Shooting Suburbia.

On October 29, 2011, Connecticut got smacked with a rare snowstorm.

The video that you're about to watch shows the lighter side of the snowstorm called "Storm Alfred". Please pay special attention to what you see in the background of the video because the companion video on Shooting Suburbia will show you the end result of some of that background after "Storm Alfred" dropped its one foot of heavy sticky snow in my town.

In the meantime, please enjoy this frolicking video highlighting the good thing about "Storm Alfred".

And now, if you walk this way (and no, not like Roger Rees in Men In Tights), I will meet you at Shooting Suburbia for the not-so-good thing of "Storm Alfred".


  1. I wouldn't mind a good snowstorm. Been a long long time since I've seen one.

  2. That storm was pretty crazy! I have a bunch of friends/family in the northeast who were without power for at least two days (some people STILL don't have power). They postponed Halloween trick-or-treating in my old neighborhood in New Jersey -- I think that's a first! Hope you and your family are staying warm and have managed to dig out from under the worst of it... :)

  3. Your daughter is really cute. :)

    I hope things get back to normal quickly there, G. I thought about you last night when they were showing parts of Connecticut on the national news and all the damage.

  4. Charles: After last years record breaking snowfall (150 total inches for the season) I am more than fed up with snow.

    But I can understand the allure of wanting something that is usually seasonally impossible in the south.

    Lisa: About 80% of my town is without power, and a good chunk of my neighbor extending about a mile from my house in a southerly direction is still w/o power. School was cancelled yet again.

    If you wander over to my other blog, you'll get a good idea on how bad the damage was in my neighborhood.

    Lynn: Thanks. :D

    We got spanked pretty good and it will probably be a couple of months before all of the trees and debris are cleaned up.

  5. Man I am glad my Halloween didn't get snowed in. Looks like you had fun out there.

  6. Bearman: It was actually pretty cool. After I had turned off the camera and put it back in the house, my daughter and I had a nifty snowball fight.

    I think I got the worst of it though. :D

  7. She is so adorable! If it snows here, I'll invite you to come throw snowballs with me. I've got the people picked out already.

  8. R: Thanks.

    I have no doubt that I'll have a plethora of targets to hit. :D

  9. It's already snowed twice here in my slice of Texas

  10. Travis: That must've caught more than a few people by surprise.

    I'm just hoping that this isn't a precursor to another record breaking winter season.


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