Monday, December 5, 2011

Hard To Accept But It's Easy To Ignore

The world "no".

The American Century Dictionary defines the word "no" thusly: Indicating a negative, refusal or denial.

The antiquated response of yore (that is, what you and I would typically do) would be to accept the answer and continue doing whatever it was that we were doing when we asked the question in the first place.

The typical response of the modern day toddler (age range 4-7 and 16 until 35) is to throw a temper tantrum.

However, the temper tantrum thrown is not uniformly the same.

If you're a teenager, the temper tantrum is to basically destroy a few inanimate objects until a spineless adult gives in.

If you're a member of generation stupid (age range 20 to 27), then the temper tantrum is based in part on the fact that you're a narcissistic ingrate who decides to pursue his or her chosen career path in spite of the facxt that there ain't no jobs. So you do stupid protests and mooch off the guv'ment at the same time.

If you're a member of generation crybaby (age range 28 to 35), then your tantrum is based on the fact that after years of doing something the wrong way, you're now being forced to do it the right way.

So you fill out a complaint with either upper management or your union and while that's going on, you still continue to do it your way and thumb your nose at it as well.

Special note: If you're a member of the guv'ment, then you file a complaint with the union charging discrimination/harassment plus go to the media as well, to complain about being forced to do your job.

Other special note: If you're not a member of the guv'ment but just a normal person of society who happens to wallow in "victimhood", then you complain to the media and drop the ever popular "R" world, which would be racist; the ever popular "b" word, which would be bigot; and if you happen to be a militant member of the homosexual community who believes that no one is entitled to a differing opinion than yours, you throw out the "h" word, which in this case would be homophobe.

Yes indeed, the word "no" conjures up images of devastating proportions, hypocrisy up the wazoo, and pre-politically correct behavior and speech.

Who would've thunk that a simple two letter word could change the course of human history in such a way that it could ultimately change an entire country (U.S.A.) or an entire continent (Europe) into a race of snot nosed whiny little brats.

Ain't life grand?


  1. Pffft no, nothing wrong with no. Do you know? Maybe you want a Yes with your No. But the maybe is a whole other can of worms, I'll just take no.

  2. If one was raised like I was, one wouldn't have even thought about slinging a fit after hearing the word no. That's funny. And it's just all part of being an adult - learning that you don't always get what you want.

  3. Everyone wants something for nothing. Or so it would seem

  4. Think they'll continue the protests once it get REALLY cold?

  5. Pat: You'd be amazed how many people really want the word "yes" with their cup of "no".

    Kewl rhyme though. Thanks for the inspired bit of creativity.

    Lynn: You and me both. I took my "no's" and moved on. And I definitely agree that it's a part of being an adult, except that it was part and parcel during our heyday.

    Charles: Especially in the guv'ment sector. Give someone that answer and watch them a conniption fit. I guareentee you that everything that I'd said in that third to last paragraph I have personally experienced and/or witnessed.

    Mama Z: In my neck of the woods, they are still at it and I believe that a few diehards acros the U.S. will continue.

    That is, if they can find new places to set up shop.

  6. Generation crybaby, eh? I made it by a nosehair!

  7. R: I think we (as in the royal we) can safely say that you're the exception to the rule.

  8. No is powerful and the power can definitely go both ways - good and bad

  9. Sarah: Thanks for stopping by to comment.

    I have those every once in a while. Especially when I've experienced something that bugs the crap out of me.

    Talon: Most definitely. The unfortunate thing is that I've seen/experienced mostly the bad side of the word "no".

  10. Good to know. The victim mentality makes me want to fucking puke.

  11. R: Man, you ain't seen nothing until you work for the guv'ment.

    Just check out the latest fiasco involving state workers here in that they got federal food stamps when they weren't eligible for them.


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