Friday, January 20, 2012

And Your Excuse Is What?

Well, ya see, my excuse for not writing what you expect to see here, which is mainly a post of substance, is that I had a pretty busy and slightly messed up week.

To whit:

1} Computer was out of commission from Monday thru Wednesday, as I finally gave in and bought 2GB's worth of memory. The only computer I had at my disposal was the household, and in two days, reverted back to my old habit of playing computer games for hours on end.

2} Holiday. Monday was Martin Luther King Day, and because of that, I had one less day in order to complete my payroll for the week. Having one less day means the opportunity for screwing up is greater, and it's something that I took full advantage of.

3} It's my mother's b'day this week, so I had to pick up a present for her.

4} I got a call for a job interview, so I had to gather up a few requested documents.

5} Jenelle's Winter Band Concert was this past Thursday. She plays in the 5th grade band, which played the following songs: Knightsbridge March, Polly Wolly Doodle and Rhythm X. However, I only got video proof of two.

6} And just for ha-ha's, I shot a video of the Concert Band performing a movement from Dvorak's "New World Symphony".

7} What comes around, goes around. I had inflicted serious pain on my parents when I was my children's ages, from 4th grade thru my sophmore year in high school, playing in these concerts. So I thought it would be a groovy thang to share the pain that my daughter inflicted on me with all of my friends.

So those are my excuses. They may not be the best, but they're mine and I'm claiming full ownership of them.


  1. Hey it beats "I had to take a nap"

    So that's the kind of pain one can expect with kids huh?..haha

  2. It's neat that your daughter is involved in so many activities.

    Job interview???

  3. excuses... excuses... excuses...

    sometimes posts of substance are overrated!

  4. Oh dear - I hear recorders.

    Need I say more:))

  5. I can't watch the video where I am now, but I remember I played that very piece over 20 years ago when I was in the high school orchestra!

    What did you get your mom for her birthday?

  6. Pat: All kinds of pain, my friend, all kinds of pain. Be glad I've never shared the pain of 8 years worth of dance/skating recitals/competitions with everyone.

    And yes, it definitely beats taking a nap.

    Lynn: Yes it is, but it can a bit overwhelming at times. In addition to the french horn and the dancing and the skating, she is also taking Catechism classes as well.

    Yes, had a job interview today for another payroll clerk position.

    Extra O: Glad to hear from you again. Hope you're doing well.

    Yes they are. :D

    Jane: Oh God, I hope not. :D

    S.R.: We (as in the wife and I), wound up getting her an old fashioned popcorn maker.

    I don't remember playing pieces like that in school, but then again, I'm almost 30 years removed from high school. :D

  7. G, you got all sorts of substance here :)

    We live near a Jr. High and when the weather is fine we endure hours of painful music classes. I can tell what grade they are in by their competency levels :)

  8. Talon: I can feel your pain. It isn't easy listening to and sitting through practices and recitals w/o losing your sanity. :D

  9. You have lots of justification for not blogging. And you know you're proud of your daughter and her band. We are three generations of band kids sharing our talent with parents and friends.

  10. Granny Annie: Thanks for stopping by to comment.

    Yes, deep down, I am proud of my daughter being able to play the french horn reasonably well. All those torturous hours of practice are finally paying off.

  11. Computer games, man. I had a ton to do last night, so I played computer games instead.

  12. No excuse needed...having a busy life can be little but good. And nice work on the concert endurance...err, enjoyment

  13. Charles: They're addictive aren't they?

    Darth: Thanks, although it really wasn't as bad as I make it out to be. But just the same, sitting through about an hour of middle school music is enough to test anyone's endurance.

  14. I would draw more if it wasn't for those damn computer games.

  15. Bearman: I think that we would all do more and do what we set out to do if it weren't for those damn computer games.

  16. Hey, good luck w/the interview! That is awesome! Have you ever seen Eddie Izzard's skit on school band concerts? Priceless.

  17. M: Thanks.

    No I haven't. Will to search for it on YouTube and check it out.


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