Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sometimes, The Best Laid Plans...

...Are laid to waste much in the same manner as Sherman's March to the Sea.

Take this weekend for example (please, take it off my hands). I decided to do the following writing oriented things:

1} finish novella
2} work on the suggested edits to my novel Line 21

Had all the prep work set. I was going to do another round of edits on the novella with the main idea of continuing where I had originally left off at and actually finishing the thing up yesterday (1/28). Then on Sunday, I was going to take my first crack at seeing what kind of additional information I could add to my novel. Plus I had borrowed three movies (No Reservations, A History of Violence and The Spitfire Grill) from the library to watch as interludes while I was taking a break from my computer

However, a personal family crisis of major proportions raised its ugly head and thus set me back quite few days.

Since I don't want to quite burden everyone publicly on what actually happened, I thought I would instead share a dopey video of myself from this past Thanksgiving, which you will find over at my legendary picture blog Shooting Suburbia.

Hopefully you'll find it as amusing as I did after I had uploaded to the blog and viewed it, 'cause I definitely needed the chuckle.


  1. I had big writing plans this weekend too and I let Saturday get away without doing any. Strictly my fault, though. No crisis to blame. hope your crisis resolves itself soon.

  2. Charles: Thanks.

    I'm hoping so too.

    I've started on the novella this morning and I'm hoping for a good chunk to be written by the time the day ends.

  3. Even in a crisis distracting us from the writing, we can still write, but on a different level. Thinking things through, simmering ideas. Maybe keep a notebook with you to jot things down in so that you don't feel the writing plays second stage in your life. Good luck, and hope you get back to the keyboard soon.

  4. I've been terribly unmotivated with writing lately. Need to get over that.

  5. Joanne: About the only thant that I've been doing is thinking.

    Thinking about novella, which I do have an good ending for, and thinking about the edits for my novel, which I'm slightly confused on, so I might make a blog post out of it and ask my friends/readers for a little help/clarity.

    But I do see your point though.

    Chris: My lack of motivation has actually been going on since the tail end of December. It was only this past week that I decided to end my procrastination and do what needs to be done.

  6. I hope everything is going to be OK with your family G.

  7. Lynn: To a certain degree, it's slowly getting back to normal. Thanks for the well wishes.

  8. For the record, that made me giggle. Last time I did something like that with a big dog I ended up on my butt. Hope everything has settled down now, at home. Things like this always seem to happen to our best laid plans. :)Bea

  9. It's amazing how family dramas seem to get in the way of us doing anything creative. I hope things are better now. We seem to launch from one family crisis to another at the moment.

  10. Bea: Glad I was able to provide a chuckle to your day.

    Yeah, it's settled down for now, but I'm sure it will raise its ugly head again.

    Joey: This happens with a degree of frequency that I'm simply getting tired of experiencing.

    And yeah, things like this has a major tendency to stifle any and all creativity for days on end.

  11. Love the video :) I'm praying and hoping the best for you and your family.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  12. Hey, sorry to hear that - e-mail/call me if you need to vent.

  13. Sarah: Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

    M: Just e-mailed you.


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