Monday, January 2, 2012

To Be Continued

"Hi ho! Allow me to introduce myself! I is Brown Bear, and I's be the official spokesman for the owner of this blog, G. Without further ado, let's get down to the main purpose of this post."

"What should I do next with my blog?" was the question that G had asked himself in last Friday's (12/30) post, and of which he spent the long holiday weekend thinking about. To refresh everyone's memory, G was seriously examining the future of his blog because he had run out of original ideas and/or thoughts to blog about.

G started his personal debate by examining the two unspoken absolutes contained in that question, then moved from each point towards a happy medium somewhere. The two unspoken absolutes in question were, 1} not continuing the blog and 2} continuing the blog.

So G thought about both options, took into serious consideration the opinions offered by everyone else, and spent the better part of two days melding and assimilating everyone's opinions into the overall answer to that particular question.

I am now happy to announce that G came up with what he feels is a satisfactory answer to this very question.

G will continue to write and update his blog, although he is cutting down to posting at the very minimum, two days a week. He believes that this is the best solution to a most difficult and troubling problem.

So starting tomorrow, G will introduce a new posting schedule of Tuesdays and Fridays. He also told me just minutes before I stepped to the podium, that if he's feeling exceptionally creative and/or original, he will add a third post to the week.

This has been Brown Bear giving you all the blog news that someone has seen fit to clue me in on, and if you'll excuse me, I have a ginormous plate of super spicy nachos waiting for me, which is appropriate, since nachos is the food of choice for Brown Bears such as myself.


  1. You best keep up the blog. Can't keep up with you on FB at least gotta have someplace to. I hear ya on running out of things though. I neglected my blog for the whole of December with nary a thought. Still they're a nice way to keep connected with people. : )

  2. Jeanne: Most definitely.

    I actually left FB due to privacy concerns that their new upgrades would gut.

    But overall, it still is a great way to stay connected with everyone, although some of the people who used to read me on FB no longer visit.

    Charles: That sounds like something my daughter would say. :D

  3. I read your last post, and am glad you decided to continue. I find blogging works well when I write about what I'm passionate about. So, on that note, my suggestion would be the Mountain, G. Life on Cedar's Mountain, tap into that passion of yours and you're good to go. Or good to blog :)

    Happy New Year ...

  4. I wrestle with the same thing myself. To blog, or not to blog. Probably will as long as blog exist, I suppose.

  5. For me, blogging is supposed to be an enjoyable pursuit and not one that I ever have to feel obligated to do. When the enjoyment is gone, my blog will be too :)

    Brown Bear, I'm glad G has decided to continue and look forward to seeing more of you both all year long.

  6. Joanne: I think trying to recapture that passion will be the main goal for 2012. I had it for the first three years, but as 2011 progressed, I found the passion to be wavering quite a bit.

    I may start branching out to write about the mountain, such as it is, in the coming weeks/months.

    Chris: It's tough to continue doing something when you feel like you have nothing left to give. Blogging, for better or worse, remains the key conduit for my creativity.

  7. Talon: To a certain degree, blogging still remains an enjoyable pursuit, but for the past few months, it's been a challenge to continually write fresh and non-redundant posts.

    I'm sure I'll be able to persuade Brown Bear and Yello Bear to make the occasional appearance in 2012. :D

  8. I would miss your blog. Is Brown Bear related to Yello Bear?

  9. Brown Bear is a very appealing spokesmammal for your blog. But shouldn't he be hibernating?

  10. Lynn: Thanks!

    R: Yes, Brown Bear is Yello Bear's dippier cousin. :D

    S.R.: He's one of the new modern bears who sleeps almost like a normal person does.

  11. Nachos waits for no man. Nor bear.

  12. Nurse Myra: No truer words have been spoken.

  13. Ha, so you can tell I read your last post first! Good I'm glad you will continue blogging, and I've also cut back to twice a week or maybe 3 if I have something else to say. It's your blog, so write whenever you want to, we'll all be here to read it it anyway. :)

  14. Joe: It took a lot of soul searching before I came to this particular conclusion. I've always prided myself on doing the best job possible on anything that I attempt.

    I think that this solution will be the most beneficial for me, as it will allow me the luxury of not only doing both kinds of writing but finding that creative balance as well.

  15. I also think two or three posts a week will work best for me in '12.

  16. David: I think that with this reduced blogging schedule, it will give me the neccessary kick in the pants to start writing again.


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