Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Chuckle A Day Keeps The Doldrums Away!

No real post to speak of today, since I'll be one of the multitude watching Stupor Bowl XLVI and rooting for the Patriots to kick some Giant ass.

However, since I won't be watching the pre-pre-pre-pre or pre-pre-pre or pre-pre or pre game show, I'll be needing something to occupy my time.

In other words, writing.

Since I'll be attempting to do some writing and thus being sporadically available for blogging, I thought I would leave you a top eight list of my favorite non-pushing-up-the-daises comic strips that give me a chuckle a day.

1} Rhymes With Orange by Hillary Price. Best semi-cerebral comic out there today.

2} Funky Winkerbean by Tom Batiuk. Been a fan of his since I was teenager and the updated story lines, I believe, is far better than the original story lines that took place in high school.

3} Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley. Absolutely love this strip as the humor is absolutely wicked.

4} Close to Home by John McPherson. Fantastic one panel comic.

5} Mutts by Patrick McDonnell. If you like comics about animals, this one is for you.

6} Pearls Before Swine by Stephen Pastis. This strip, I believe, is a worthy successor to Calvin & Hobbes. The humor is absolutely brutal, spot on and pulls absolutely no punches.

7} Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman. I often call this strip a clone of my household, simply because I look like the father (minus the mustache), my wife looks the mother and my son's name is Jeremy.

8} Mother Goose and Grimm by Mike Peters. Warped, just like me.


  1. Ha ha the Close to Home one cracked me up. I'm a bit like that with doctors.

  2. Joe: I love one panel cartoon strips, especially "Close To Home". He has such a wicked sense of humor that it is to die for.

    Glad I was able to give you a chuck on this Sunday afternoon.

  3. "a worthy successor to Calvin & Hobbes"...oh, G, that is purty near unpardonable heresy. Never was nuttin like C&H, never will be...PBS has some good stuff, but Calvin & Hobbes was simply ever.


  4. There's nothing like a good laugh to clear the way for creativity ... Hope you had a good writing day.

  5. All I can say about CLose to home is "ouch"

  6. Warped and wicked sense of humor are always good!

  7. Darth: While I did enjoy C&H during it's successful run (my son's middle name is based on the strip), and while I agree that C&H was in a class of it's own, I find that PBS has a lot elements that are very similar to C&H, which is why IMHO PBS is a worthy successor.

    Besides, any strip that can make me laugh and get me into trouble at the same time is pure gold.

    Joanne: I spent most of my downtime today applying the feedback that I wrote about in last Tuesday's post and it went remarkably well for a change, thanks.

    Charles: One of the best one panel stips out there today. And most of his strips do involve the ouchies.

    S.R.: I have a cool story arc that I cut out and saved involving Bucky the cat and a dead goldfish that is absolutely priceless.

    M: Always, always. :D

  8. Now this was a nice gift! See you after the Super Bowl.

  9. Rick: Thanks for stopping by.

    I think that everyone needs a laughter break every once in a while, just to reinforce the fact that it's fun to be wired differently.

  10. I love Mutts and Pearls Before Swine! Great strips... Do you ever read FoxTrot? That's another favorite of mine... and every once in a while, it gives off a slight Calvin and Hobbes vibe. (I miss the C&H deranged snowman comics -- classic... :))

  11. Sorry your team lost, G. I watched some of the game and thought it was ok but not to terribly exciting.

  12. Lisa: I read Fox Trot every Sunday and its a pretty decent strip, and I agree that it does give off a very faint C&H vibe from time to time.

    Yeah, the deranged snowmen are pretty good. Favorite was a snowman on the ground with an ice cream scoop in his back and another eating a ice cream cone. :D

    David: Thanks.

    I thought the game was pretty exciting at the end. Didn't get too much static at work about it but I'm sure in the coming days it will pick up.

  13. oooo comics onlone instead of the paper I don't get anymore... thanks for the links!

  14. Snaggle: You're more than welcome.

    And let me tell you, they print those links so tiny that I almost needed a magnifying glasss to read them.


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