Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Padding That Expense Account With Words And Actions

Yeah, once again got a slight disconnect between post title and post, but I'm slowly running out of words and phrases to use when I want to give an update on my writing.

But, in a small way, I am sort of padding my expense account and it is sort of writing related, and I'll tell you why it's writing related.

Back in early March, I finally got off my ass and designed a business card for myself at VistaPrint, which incidentally a few days later coincided with my new blogger name (G. B. Miller) and new title for my book blog (Books by G. B. Miller). This past Thursday, my business cards came in.

The back side of the card has the same picture and says "Books By G. B. Miller" along with the current addy.

Pretty cool, eh?

I also picked up a very nice small leather carrying case for the cards, as well as a small card holder that I'll have placed in front of my chapbook that is currently for sale at work. Even if they don't buy the book, I'm hoping that they'll be interested enough to take the card, and thus be interested enough to hear my pitch about my writing and my blog.

And if anyone is interested in acquiring a few of these goodies for your personal use and hand outs, feel free to drop me an e-mail and I'll be more than happy to mail a few out to you.

Now that we got the padded expense account portion of the post out of the way, we will now move onto the writing portion of the post.

Ever since my novel was acquired by Solstice Publishing, I've been thinking quite a bit about the partial novels that I got laying about here in my den. Mostly, I've been thinking about how a couple those partials are roughly in the same vein as "Line 21", which is to say that they sort of blur the line between reality and fantasy.

And the more I thought about them, the more I came to the conclusion that maybe I should dig one of them out and take a serious whack at completing it. However, before I can dig one of those out (I have two excellent candidates btw) to complete, there's this teeny tiny problem of completing the novella that I've been working on since late last year, which is "Blackness In The White Sand". 

As some of you may or may not know, I have this thorny problem of completing projects, especially stories. When I'm one hundred percent motivated, I'll work on a story until it's completed, no matter what gets in my way. When the motivation isn't so complete, that's when we have problems.

In this particular instance though, it's a matter of principle. I started this particular novella because I was very gung ho on writing it as a trilogy. Even when I added chapters to it, I remained motivated. Now we're at the point where I really want to take this novella and just bury it. Not because I'm tired of writing it, but because those incomplete novels are really hitting my brain with the force of a ball peen hammer, saying, "Do me next! Do me next! Do me next!"

But I'm very determined to complete this novella, no matter what it takes. It's now become a "writing because I have to" as opposed to "writing because I want to", and I'll be damned if my conscience or my muse tells me otherwise.

So with that said, let me give you a brief update of where I'm at, which is not with two turntables and a microphone. I got over the small hump of where I'd previously left off at some two months ago and wrote a key scene for the ending. And yes, it is a blatant sex scene, but more often than not, some type of sex usually works as a nice transition/bridge to wherever it is that I need to get to, and in this case, it fits perfectly.

I should be able to continue chopping away at it until I get it done, and I'm giving myself a one month deadline as a motivational tool.

And that my friends, is the writing news for yours truly, and while I may not be Gary Gnu, I certainly ain't whistling Dixie. So tune in next week when I may have some better news about one of my previously submitted short stories.


  1. The business cards look very professional. I hope they do the job. I used to design stationary for a living, and creating a logo that would work on a card, leaflet, letterhead was always a challenge.

  2. My wife laughs when she goes into a place that people tack up business cards and sees I have already made my presence known.

  3. Joe: Thanks.

    I'm hoping that they do the job as well. I figured that this would be the simplest and most efficient way of putting myself out there.

    Bearman: Sometimes the tackiest way of doing things is often the most successful way of doing things.

    So, here's to the continued success of you and to everyone else who comments on this blog.

  4. Those are definitely pretty cool business cards. Next time I get a book from you send a few along!

  5. Charles: Thanks.

    I'll send some along to you even without the book order.

  6. I would love some! And yes, I think you should take them out and work on them, because I want to read them.

  7. Good idea on the cards.
    I've been known to design cards on occassion, (for customers n myself) but need a new printer with ink to get the printing, cause I always wanna do it myself! (Have the card stock here)

    Good plugging away at the slush pile too-
    I'm lacking motovation after the night job exhausts n bruises me lately- You're lucky to find the energy!

  8. R: Thanks.

    I will get some to you out by the weekend.

    I intend to take one of them out, as soon as I finish this one.

    I have too many unfinished slush novels and I really don't want to add another.

    Snaggle: Thanks.

    I tried doing it myself, but not only did I not like the end result, but I felt it wasn't really reflective of who I am.

    Not so much as finding the energy, as trying to find the motivatio.

  9. Vista print actually does a pretty good job on business cards. Good luck with all those future endeavors, G.

  10. Lynn: Thankee.

    I definitely agree with your statement about VistPrint doing a good job as I've gotten a few compliments from people about the quality of the card.

    And a few about Cedar Mountain as well. :D


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