Friday, March 9, 2012

Someone Yumped On My Yimmity!

What's wrong with this picture?

Rhode Island lottery officials announce today (3/6) that an 81 year old woman took the top Powerball prize of $364 million, which as a lump sum was only a paltry $210 million.

Please insert any comment that you see fit to make about this whacked out slice of life from New England.

The other day I found this cool recipe from my local paper that I'm looking to try once things settle down at home.

Baked eggs in ham cups

2 tsps of butter for the pan
4 slices of ham that are round
2 tsps of pesto
8 eggs
4 cubes of mozzarella, fresh or domestic (or any other kind of cheese for that matter)
4 cherry tomatoes, cut in half
Black pepper to taste


Butter four compartments of a metal muffin tin well. Fold the ham slices into quarters and place one in each cup to line it with ham. It will ruffle, which is what you want. Place 1/4 teaspoon pesto in the bottom of the ham cup, then crack two eggs into a cup and pour it in. Tuck in a piece of mozzarella, two halves of cherry tomatoes and another 1/4 teaspoon pesto, then sprinkle with pepper to taste. No salt is needed because the ham may be salty and the pesto has some in it, too.

Bake in a 375 degree preheated oven for twelve to fifteen minutes till the white looks set but the yolk is still a bit runny. Remove from the muffin tin and serve in small bowls or line them up on a platter to serve.

Yield: 4

To partially quote Barnes & Barnes: Eat them up, yum!

To continue on a mindless tangent, I found a neat television show to watch about a month ago called "The Big Bang Theory".

I first saw this show during the Super Bowl weekend when I went to my local fast food restaurant to buy some buffalo wings. While I was waiting for my order, this show was blaring on the television. After watching it for about ten minutes, I got hooked.

And what really got me hooked was not so much the premise of the show (which centered around four geeky scientists who are friends with a woman who moved to California to become an actress) but the actors themselves. I've always liked Johnny Galecki as an actor, starting with his days on the show "Roseanne", and this show, he really shows his comedic chops. But Jim Parsons, who plays the character Sheldon Cooper, is an absolute riot.

I haven't seen first run current episodes yet (and probably won't) but I have been watching it on TBS for the past month or so and its become one of the few shows that I actually look forward to watching during the week.

Finally, to finish up this strange post, I decided that since I was going to be published under a pen name (G. B. Miller) for my book, I should make all things in my writing world gel. So the first thing that I'm currently doing, is exploring Vista Print, so that I can make some personal business cards for myself under my pen name.

The second thing that I decided to do was to change my name on my blog. For only the second time in my and this blog's existence, I am changing my blogger name. When I'd first started this blog, my name at the time was Georgie B. About a year later, I changed it to G. Now, with the advent of my first book being published sometime this year (hopefully), I'm changing my blogger name to G. B. Miller.

However, because I care about my friends and readers, I decided to gradually work my new name in. For the time being, my full blogger name is G. B. Miller (aka G). Once everyone gets used to my new blogger name, I'll remove the "aka" and simply go by the name G. B. Miller, at least for the Blogger blogs. For the WordPress blogs, I'll still be known as G, simply because that was the name I had used when I' set up my profile with Gravatar some two+ years ago. And since I can't recall the password to the account, it stays as G.

This has been the news, with Gary Gnu.


  1. I hope that lottery winning woman uses that money to buy herself an expensive place to live and be cared for.

    Are you going to make that recipe?

    And I like Jim Parsons on that show - I just watch parts of it now and then. I have too many shows! But that's good one for sure.

    Thanks for easing us into that name change - you know we don't like change so much.

  2. Alrighty - Mr G. B. Miller it is then:)

    By the way that post title sounds very painful:)

    Why is there no subscribe to comments on this new system by email - tis most annoying. Humph.

  3. Mmm... that egg and ham recipe sounds super-yum.

    I like Big Bang Theory too, although I don't watch it regularly. My husband is more devoted to it.

  4. Love the new pen name! Reminds me of D.B. Cooper... (Just don't go hijacking any planes for ransom money. :))

    It seems like everyone I know is just now getting into The Big Bang Theory -- great show! I think my husband and I are like the only two people in the country who've been watching it since day one... :)

  5. My wife and I have become big fans of Big Bang theory. I didn't know one of the guys was on Roseanne.

  6. Lynn: The lottery lady did. She set up a trust called "The Rainbow Sherbet Trust" in honor of the reason as to why she bought the ticket in the first place.

    I want to try to make the receipe, once things calm down, because believe it or not, I do enjoy cooking.

    I find the show to be an absolute riot, and you're more than welcome for being eased into the name change.

    I'm just following my personal policy of letting people know ahead of time when I decide to make changes to my blog.

    Jane: Thanks.

    Actually, I picked up the title from an old episode of "MASH".

    Yeah, the new comment systems kind of sucks, but it is what it is.

    S.R.: It does, which is what caused me to cut it out of the newspaper in the first place. I can only eat eggs a few certain ways, and this is one of them.

    Once in a while, CBS does come up with a winner.

    Lisa: Thanks.

    My original pen name was going to be Georgie B, hence the reason as to why I spent the first year of my blogging life as that name.

    But after thinking about it for quite a while, I came to the conclusion that it really didn't sound like a mature enough pen name, so when I decided to get serious about my writing, that's when I got to thinking about a new pen name.

    Especially since my given name is so freakin' long that each time I used it for short story submissions, I felt like I was doing a job application.

    Charles: He started out on "Roseanne" as Sara Gilbert's boyfriend, then when that show ended, started branching out into the movies playing geeky type of characters, sort of opposite to what he was doing on "Roseanne".

  7. I saw that - funny, as you probably saw, my pen name is my first two initials, then last name. I used to get incredible amounts of shit for that when I was a reporter. One (male) boss actually said, "But then if someone reads your story or calls for you, they won't know if you're a man or a woman."

    To which I replied, "So?"

    I also used to get tons of calls for "Mr. RK." And the people answering the main phone would say, "OK, but he's a she."

    Oh yes...*paltry* $210 million paltry $210 million? Was paltry really the adjective used?

  8. "paltry". I just stopped complaining about the salaries of athletes.

    the whiny promos for that show mean i will probably never watch...they make me hate all the characters...
    which, ironically, is how i felt about psych until i accidentally saw an episode. now j have seen every episode and it battles simpsons to be my fave show, so...

  9. M: I was giving it a test run, because I really wasn't sure about having such a long name attached to my profile. Howerver, for the past three years, everyone has known me by my first initial, so it was only fair that I should ease my new name in for the next month or so until everyone gets used to it.

    Oh yeah, I'm guilty of that popular misconception as it applies to you and the Mr.

    And "paltry" was my doing, not theirs. Kind of blew my mind when I'd first read the article, so the sarcasm gene quickly took over.

    Darth: To tell you the truth, I never saw the promos nor the show, simply because I make it a point of not watching network television. Haven't since the 90's.

    So the only way I will watch a current t.v. program is when the show makes it to syndication.

  10. I wondered about the name change!

    Big Bang Theory is one of my daughter's favorite shows.

  11. Mama Z: Yeah, it's gonna be a bit unwieldy for awhile until I and everyone else gets used to it.

    To be honest with you (and everyone else), I kind of had mixed feelings in having short stories published under my full name. On one hand, it was pretty cool to be acknowledged in having something published. On the other hand, it was a little troubling to have those stories published under my full name.

    I guess what it boils down to is that even being two years removed from the chat rooms, I'm still leary about having my full name attached to something.

  12. I watch "The Big Bang Theory" when others are watching. It hasn't hooked me yet but I have chuckled a few times.

  13. Oh I'm not worried about it - he gets a kick out of being called Mr. RK :)

  14. David: Taking incredibly smart people and foisting them on the real world by making them move out of their comfort zone is a great comedic device.

    I guess it sort of reminds me of my dad. He was an incredibly brilliant man, but when you moved him out his comfort zone/bubble, he wound up being unintentionally funny.

  15. M: Definitely sounds like a very open minded individual. :D


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