Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Not much in the way of a writing update today: I'm still plugging away on my latest project as I'm really determined to get this thing done and put away so I can work on a few older stories that are more in line with what I'd recently sold. No news on either the few writing contests I'd entered or the horror anthology that is supposed to be published by this particular publisher, but if you explore the website, you'll see it hasn't been updated in about several months, so I'm not really holding my breath on that particular thing crystalizing into something concrete. However, I might go nuclear about it in May.

So with that out of the way, we move on to the purpose of this post, which is to announce a brand new post for my new and improved adult oriented blog, "It's Always Saturday In Suburbia".

Now this post is not like the usual cannon fodder that has graced that blog in the past. This one is a bit more personal, almost creative non-fiction one might say.

Last Friday, I had alluded to having a brutal week due to family crisis which in turn had prevented me from writing a normal blog post.

The post that you're about to read at my other blog, is the closest that anyone will ever get for an explanation as to why I had that brutal week to begin with. I am still incredibly angry because of what happened and it will unfortunately take me a very, very long time before I can come to terms with not only the entire episode, but with a few people involved with it as well.

However, please be assured that I will do my damnedest not to let my anger over this unfortunate incident bleed into my blogging. Will it bleed into my writing? Absolutely. But it will not take root here, that I can promise you.

So for those of you who can, please follow me next door to read Tuesday's installment entitled, "An Open Letter To An Ingrate".


  1. I read it, but I don't quite understand what happened. At least I hope you feel better now for having vented, G.

  2. I can't guess what happened, but it sounds really terrible. :-(

  3. Lynn: I do feel somewhat better for venting, but there is some residual anger still floating around.

    I deliberatly made it vague because although I wanted to let my readers/friends know the why, I really didn't want to give too much information out in giving the background to the why.

    S.R. It was very terrible to say the least, and its something that I wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through.

  4. I completely understand, and I understand why you will be angry for a good while. It's natural. You have been through hell for no good reason. Since my mouth now has four less teeth, call me if you need an ear to bend. The next couple of days are good because all I will be able to do is nod!

  5. Curious G but verbally very impressive:) I might even use it as a template for my next complaint to my son's school! I didn't think I could improve on my last letter but now I've read your letter I realise I need to make some more effort!

    Hope you feel better G - a rant is always very therapeutic:)

    Thank goodness they've reintroduced email follow ups - how Blogger overlooked that in first place I don't know!

  6. M: Thanks.

    Got your e-mail at my other addy and glad to hear that everything went well for you.

    Just got an unexpected swerve after talking to a co-worker yesterday that has me just a little bit worried and angry again.

    Jane: Thanks.

    I actually spent about a week mentally outlining this particular post. I really needed to unload in the worst way possible, but I also didn't want to let too many details slip out while doing so.

    Sometimes when a website upgrades itself, it has a few growing pains and a few memory slips along the way.

  7. That is the type of diatribe that I write with pen and paper and read and then tear up because it is does me a lot of good but very little for others. Still it is easy to understand.

  8. Granny Annie: Very, very few of these types of diatribes make it to my blog. I usually vent about this stuff to close friends and no one else.

    It was something that needed to be done because I really didn't want to poison the blog world with my sour state of mind.


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