Sunday, May 6, 2012

Be Hold, Be Mystified, But Most Importantly, Be Fluglehorn

Yeah, I know, the title is simply yet more proof that sometimes when I string nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs together, and attach them with commas and a conjunction, it just don't make sense.

But, since this is my blog, I'm entitled not to make sense when the mood strikes me.

And it does.

With that said, let's ponder on a few metaphorical tangents, shall we?

We shall.

Pondering metaphorical tangent #1: I finally, after almost 2 1/2 months, got my loan from the bank. If you recall back in late March, I vented about the incredible amount of aggravation I was getting in trying to get an answer to a stupid question about my loan application and I wound up not only pulling my application but writing a letter of complaint about it.

Well, about two and a half weeks later, I got a polite response from a supervisor who not only agreed that my experience was atypical, but offered to help relaunch my application for me. With reservations, I agreed to her offer, and by the end of this past week, in spite of a few swerves that were thrown in my general direction, finally had my refinanced loan signed for.

Strangely enough, by the time I got to the closing, I had completely forgotten about how much I had originally requested for the loan.

Pondering metaphorical tangent #2: I spent a few days last week showing off my book cover to a few co-workers. I was very careful on how and who saw it, since I'd forwarded it to myself in an e-mail and the only way someone could see it, would be me offering to show it and the person coming all the way into my cube and blocking outside view of my monitor with their body.

However, after showing it to a few supervisors and chosen co-workers, those same people strongly suggested that due to the overly zealous hypocritical hypersensitivity in my agency to all things visual and audible, I should ditch the e-mail. That way, they intelligently reasoned, I wouldn't get into anymore trouble that I'm already in.

Since I had already gotten into trouble by
 using a particular word, I felt that their suggestion made perfect sense. So I ditched it.

However, since I'm not one to be cowed, I'm trying a new approach to showing people my cover. Namely, getting 100 business cards that will show the cover offer in a fantastic high glossy finish. Can you say, "Yum!" boys and girls?

Pondering metaphorical tangent #3: I'm finally inching ever so closer to finishing up my latest trunk novel, Blackness In The White Sand. I know it sounds very strange to say that I'm writing a trunk novel, because quite frankly, no one in their right mind comes out and says, "I'm writing a trunk novel."

Originally I didn't set out to write a trunk novel, I set out to write another novel. But once I had sold Line 21 to Solstice Publishing, I started thinking about the other two incomplete trunks that I had sitting in my trunk, which were very similar in content to Line 21. I also started thinking about doing some maintenance on a longish fantasy style short story of mine called "It's Just Business". I like the story (basic plot: revenge) but overall its kind of choppy, so I want to spend some time re-writing and polishing it to a high glossy shine.

However, before I can do any of that, I have to finish the project that I'm currently writing, and since I've proven to myself that I cannot multi-task when it comes to writing, it's been a semi-challenge to complete this novel. I say "semi", because I decided that in order to finish this thing, I should simply go off on enough swerves to tidy up all of the various plot points in the story. The end result should be novel that makes sense almost to the last chapter, then blows its proverbial mind away in the last chapter.

Pondering metaphorical tangent #4: The original purpose of this post was to fire the opening salvo to a brand new series of photos for Shooting Suburbia. Unfortunately for everyone, including myself, the camera has not made its way back to Rite Aid yet, so no pictures this week.

However, since I really wanted to put a new blog post up over there, I took the liberty of becoming redundant. Just like I've updated my book blog Books by G. B. Miller with a brand new post, so has Shooting Suburbia been updated with the same type of post that you saw here a few days ago, complete with links to the five page preview. I did tweak it though, by posting the query letter synopsis.

And finally pondering metaphorical tangent #5: In addition to updating my book blog, I took the liberty of plastering my remaining three blogs with a picture of the cover, along with the proper links for each one. I also updated the page for Line 21 by throwing the book cover in there as well.

I have a few other metaphorical tangents I can ponder about, but these five should be sufficient enough to get everyone's thinking cap greased up and turned on in preparation for the upcoming work week. Because as you so well know, our logic process usually shuts down Friday night into Sunday morning and only starts to come back to life Sunday afternoon thru the evening.


  1. Sounds like your book is on its way!

  2. Only 5 tangents? You are not in the big leagues. I drive people nuts in conversation sometimes because I'm as easily distracted as a cat who sees a squirrel and thinks, "Hello, lunch!"

  3. Lynn: It certainly does at that. Right now, I'm waiting for an editor to be assigned to the book, hopefully within a month or so.

    M: Five tangents for the blog.

    I've been in lunchtime conversations that spanned about 10 tangents and at least five sub-tangents.

    You? Easily distracted? I would've never guess such a thing. :D

  4. I guess this means that your book cover design is "interesting".

  5. S.R.: Absolutely. :D

    As a matter of fact, I was warned not to show it to that particular individual, less she should take major offense to it.

  6. Congratulations on your book! And hooray for fun word combinations. Sometimes I string together stuff just forthefunofit. :-)

  7. Great post :) Love the new word. And good luck with the projects!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  8. No one can accuse you of linear thinking, my friend. :)

  9. Jewel: Thanks.

    It's been a fun ride so far and I'm really learning a lot about the publishing business.

    I really enjoy creating nonsensical sentences as it helps clear the mind for writing.

    Sarah: Thanks.

    I always like finding new words to play with, and "fluglehorn" is one of the funniest to play with.

    Charles: I've tried linear thinking multiple times but it doesn't seem to get me to point B from point A as fast as going there via points C, D, and E.


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