Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Revisiting The Tree

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the tree in my front yard, and how it seemed to be out of sorts because its feathered friends weren't visiting. In the comment section, my good friend Lynn suggested that I should post an update on the tree once it was in full bloom.

My friends, here is the tree in full bloom:

And a very short video clip of the tree's feathered friends visiting and saying hi.

The reintroduction of the bird feeders is what ultimately did the trick as the tree is now restored back to its former glory, post storm Alfred, and is now the center piece of that ultimate resort destination, G & J's Excitingly Exotic Emporium of Ecstasy.

Sometimes all it takes is just a little help from your friends to make you right, be they feathered or be they human.


  1. Could not open the video but loved seeing the tree. Yes we love our leafed friends as well as our feathered friends:)

  2. Glad it is thriving once again.

  3. Look at that! It's all leafed out. And the birds are loyal - I like that. Thanks for the shout out. :)

  4. Glad to hear that all is well with the tree's world!

  5. I'm not sure how I missed the original post so I'm glad you redirected me there first. Wow, I can't believe the change. Looks like a bit of TLC has done the job. We all need a bit of that to flourish.

  6. Long as those feathered friends don;t sing all night I'm good with them.

  7. Granny Annie: It's strange that a video that I was able to upload without going through YouTube first you weren't able to view it, and I'm truly sorry about that.

    We most definitely do love our feathered and leafy friends indeed.

    Bearman: I'm glad it is too. Makes it more relaxing to sit in the front yard to read or write now.

    Charles: Thankee!

    Lynn: You're more than welcome for the shout out and it's a very comforting sight to not only see the tree finally leafing out like that but to see the birds return as well.

    Debra: Thankee!

    Joe: Thanks. Because I have so very few things from my childhood left at my house, I have a tendency to doat on the ones that are still tenanciously hanging on.

    And I'm very glad it worked it too.

    Travis: They definitely do go to sleep at night, that's for sure. At night, I'm seranaded by tree frogs.

  8. Nice! Glad to see the tree looking happy again (I have to assume it's happy with all of its friends hanging around :)).

  9. Lisa: It's very happy with its friends hanging around, although we now have some pesky piggish bully blackbirds hanging around creating a little bit of grief.

    Something will have to be done about them, otherwise the tree's inner chi may become unbalanced again.

  10. Glad the tree has its feathered friends back, G. Nothing like a little enticement to get the birds flocking :)

  11. Talon: Welcome back my friend!

    Glad to see you out and about!

    Yup, a little enticement is just what Father Nature had ordered to make things just right. :D


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