Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where Is He?

I is here, but not here. I is here: It's Always Saturday In Suburbia.


  1. I was going to look at your IASIS post, but there link said there would be adult content. So is there?

  2. Because I can't open things like that at work. :)

  3. Lynn: No there isn't any adult content. I just wanted to get the other blog into the mix this month.

    I keep forgetting that particular fact about you. My apologies.

    Sarah: Thanks.

  4. No problem with Adult Content here:)

  5. G.A.: I usually don't have a problem with adult content here.

    However, many, many years ago, I had spent about 3 very nasty years in the chat rooms and unfortunately because of that, there are certain things that will always be part and parcel of me as a blogger.

    1} Comment moderation.
    2} Disclaimers for this blog.
    3} Adult rating at my other bog.

    Number 3 is important in that you really can't complain about being offended if you had to answer "yes" to the question to begin with.


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