Sunday, June 17, 2012

Promo, Write-O, Blog-O, This Week-O

Not much in the way of a thick-juicy-charbroiled-artery-clogging-heart-attack post today, but what I have to say will explain the odd post title.

Promotional blog tours.

This upcoming week, all the posts on Cedar's Mountain will be written by the following Solstice authors:

1} June 18th's post will be written by Melissa Foster (she of "Chasing Amanda" fame) and it's called, "Please Judge Our Books By The Covers".

2} June 20th's post will be written by Andrea Buginsky and it's called "Reading Across Genres".

3} June 22nd's post will be written by romance author Olivia Ventura and the title is TBD.

Hope you'll stop by this week to check out not only these guest posts, but some of their books as well.

And also, I want to wish all you fathers, be you male or female, single or married, a very happy Father's Day.

And also also, I want to leave you with a little whimsical something that was inspired by a downer of a casual conversation at work. I say downer only because the topic of choice was memorial editorial cartoons done by local newspaper cartoonist Bob Engelhart.


  1. Debra: I thought it would be better than the song. :D

  2. Very cool networking! Forgot to tell you in my e-mail that my good friend Alan, who self-published two books, just got a contract for a novella. Good times. Nik will be crying into his soup.

    I love the Red Baron! Mr. RK said if I were a Peanuts character, it would be Snoopy.

  3. M: Thanks. Gotta start somewhere and hopefully I'll be able to parlay this into something good in the future.

    That is absolutely priceless about your friend. I would suspect that Nik would be crying in his beer as well. :D

    I'm not sure what character I would be, maybe Woodstock?

    I sometimes talk like he does.

  4. I had a good Father's day, I hope you did too? :)

  5. Joe: It was refreshingly quiet. I was still in staycation mode this weekend so the family unintentionally gave me the father's day gift of solitude. I got some more sun, chilled out with Mother Nature and basically recharged my batteries.


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