Monday, July 9, 2012

"Organization Is Not My Friend" by Penny Estelle

Penny Estelle
 Today, we have fellow Solstice author Penny Estelle, who will enlighten us about how sometimes our organizational skills can fall by the wayside. Take it away Penny!

Organization is not my friend!

I was a secretary for an elementary school for 21 years. The school had over 1100 students. Programs in every grade level, monthly award ceremonies, payroll, taking care of all my principal's issues, and a hundred and one other activities needed to be handled on any given day. I used to pride myself on my organizational skills.

Now I am retired and am proud to say, an author, which I can actually say out loud without lying, and apparently those once finely tuned skills have gone by the wayside!

Seriously, how how hard can it be to check your e-mails (sometimes more than 50 and more than one account), look at 20-something blogs because you know certain authors who are being interviewed and you want to comment and be supportive, try to find somebody who might do a review for you and check Amazon because there just might be a new review that has been posted, not to mention reading and writing up a review of a book you might be reading for someone who reviewed your book. Then if you are hosting an author on your blog, you need to have that ready to go, or get your post done because someone is kind enough to host you.

Then there is Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn, and a host of other sites you should be a part of but you can't figure out how they should work or you pull your hair out because you just can add one more thin to your schedule.

Then there is always that pesky little part about actual writing. After all, this is what it's all about!

I see many authors out there that are on e-mail and doing blogs on a daily basis--AND turning out books like crazy--Do they not sleep? I get crabby when I don't sleep!

I know this sounds like I'm whining, but I'm not--well maybe I am--okay, I am. How could I have been so organized at one point in my life and now the word is no longer in my dictionary!

Now, all this being said, I know the answer here--scheduling. I need something-maybe better pep talks to myself. Thanks for listening to me vent...shew, I feel better now.

Have a great day everybody--I need to check my e-mail!


Penny writes for the MG/tween group. She has three stories out, with two more coming soon.

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  1. I'm overwhelmed just reading this!

  2. Mama Z: I got a little overwhelmed in reading this as well. Multi-tasking at its best.

  3. Yep, I sometimes feel I'm losing a bit of myself in all the social media I get involved in. But an unknown writer doesn't have much choice.

  4. You sound incredibly busy - I'll bet it's fun. :)

  5. I don't do much in the way of social media beyond Facebook and blogging myself, but I'm slowly making headway with both. Still, it can be a bit overwhelming and time consuming if you don't develop either good organizational skills or time management skills.

  6. Hey everybody - thanks for stopping by. Mama Z, it is overwhelming...See, it was an reasonable whine, huh?
    Charles - we unknowns really don't have much choice!!!!
    Lynn, thanks for visiting. It is fun (mostly!)
    And George - thanks for having me - you rock!

  7. Penny: You are more than welcome for the opportunity. Please feel free to stop by again.


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