Wednesday, November 28, 2012

G.B.'s Disjointed Blog Tour of 2012, Take Quatro

Yowza, yowza, yowza!

Today, we have a special surprise for everyone: Blog posts swaps!

For today, I will be hanging out at Penny Estelle's blog pimping my latest with a guest post about e-mail, and Penny will be hanging out here with guest post about her journey as a writer. Take it away Penny!

My Journey Down Writer’s Lane

I was never a reader while growing up.  I read only what was assigned in school.  If reports were due, I fount out early, what a wonderful thing “Cliff Notes” were.

It wasn’t until I was married with a baby and a two-year old that I found out about the wonders of a talented author.  Who knew one could escape the world of dirty diapers and screaming babies to a place of romance, mystery, eye-popping sex, and so much more.
I would read my historical romances, which were my favorites at that time, and think, “I could do this!  How hard can it be?”  Oh silly, silly girl. 

So, thirty-five years ago I wrote a best selling historical romance.  It took me five years to produce a two hundred and ninety-eight page story.  It was so good.  I could already see my house on the ocean.  I sent out two queries and was promptly rejected.  Deflated, I boxed up my story, put it in my closet and it has lived there ever since.

I have been lucky enough to have two stories picked up.  Hike Up Devil’s Mountain and Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare.

I’ve also gone the self-publishing route.  One is for the middle grade/tween age group, A Float Down the Canal and one is a non-fiction, SOLAR – One Family’s Reality.  This was a venue I just wanted to try, as so many published authors are going down this path.

I just finished a story that is NOT for kids.  At What Price?   A family drama that includes a deserted six-year old, a mother mixed up in drugs, and a grandmother who steps in to protect the one person she would do anything for. 

Some folks have asked me if I have made much money on this writing endeavor.  My normal response is, “I can buy my husband and myself a large latte at Starbucks!”  My first book was published June, of 2011.  I have since learned, my vision of a house on the ocean will probably never be more than just that - a vision.  Becoming rich, as an author is as likely as winning the million-dollar lottery. 

I just like to write.  I like coming up with the characters and seeing where they lead me.  I like having my mom read my stories and having her rave how good they are, because she would never say they were bad.  I like having the support of my husband who reads everything I write…over and over again.

If I were going to give advice to a person who is just thinking about writing a book, I would tell them, “Write because you love doing it. Hope the money comes also. Then go buy a lottery ticket.  You just may get rich, one way or the other!

I would love to share all my stories with all of you.  Please visit and get a taste of the type of stories I have written.  Leave me a comment.  I love to hear from folks who stop by.

Thanks for having me today, George.  As always, it’s great stopping by.


  1. Nice hearing about Penny's Lane

  2. I have read Hike Up Devil's Mountain to my daughter and she enjoyed it very much. Nice article Penny.

    I will have to see how you go from children's books to adult stories.


  3. Very cool - I'd like to read about some of the mystery and eye-popping sex!

  4. Bearman: Cute. :D

    Shannon: Thanks for stopping by to comment.

    I too am curious to see how an author who writes in a genre geared towards young teens makes the jump to adult fiction.

    M: So would I. :D

  5. Nice post trade thing with other writers.
    I did a novel when I was 16 that also is great in a storage box... n have a few others being stored in old hard drives as well. I've designed n proto-typed some self-pub'd only 3 copies exist, Then there's a ton still in cold brain storage without execution time to schedule. I bought a PowerBall tix but it wasn't the half billion winner I'd hoped for to free up my creative time requirements....
    Writing isin't my only pursuit.

    I already do have a tiny apt on Cape Cod tho. Seeing ocean water out the window isin't all it's cracked up to be, especially in Hurricanes-
    Sounds like you're having fun getting some out there finally tho!

  6. It's lovely to hear about writers who just jump in and do it. I admire you all.

  7. Snaggle: I have a huge slush pile of half written novels and short stories that were part and parcel of the learning curve. Some day I'll get around to finishing/polishing them.

    Blog post swaps are cool. It's interesting when something complete different is talked about on a blog not really known for touching the subject in question.

    Lynn: Thanks.

    Certainly isn't easy, but you've basically summed it up nicely.

  8. I want to thank "G" for having me today. It was great being here and I want to thank everybody for stopping by.

    Come on Snaggletooth. Let's get those stories out of their cozy little homes and make those stories best sellers!

    Shannon, thanks for the kind words about my story. I'm glad your daughter liked it.

  9. Hear hear! I don't ever expect to become rich as a writer. I just do it because I love it. When people tell me they write because they want to make money, I tell them A) you're in the wrong profession and B) get ready for a world of disappointment.

  10. Penny: You're more than welcome. I've enjoyed both of your visits this year.

    I had early dreams of making a ton 'o money with my writing, but now I'm more realistic about my monetary outlook.

    ABftS: Thanks for stopping by.

    I concur that you aren't going to make gobs of money with your writing unless you specifically set out to do that, and even then, if you make a couple hundred for the year, you're doing good.


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