Sunday, December 30, 2012

And The Winner Is....

Bit of a throw away post today, as I'm trying to decide on who to pick as a winner for a contest that I had held a few weeks ago on Gluttondan's blog.

I had 11 entries and I narrowed it down to three numbers:




So what I would like from you, my very favorite readers, is to pick one of those three numbers. I have this posted on Facebook as well, and the one with the most votes over the weekend, will be the judge the winner.

To make it a little more fun for everyone here, one lucky person will win a free copy of either my chapbook Betrayed!, or a copy of my latest, Line 21 (when it drops to print), your choice.


  1. I'd vote for 10. But since the contest was hosted on my blog I probably shouldn't vote. But if I were voting, 10 would be it.

  2. Bearman: Check, "10" it is.

    A good number and a good movie. :D

    Gluttondan: I should have a winner by tomorrow. Been running this on Facebook since Saturday and hopefully I'll get enough votes here as well.

    I'll shoot you an e-mail sometime tomorrow evening.

  3. My personal lucky number is not one of them sooooooo I will go with 7!

    Penny Estelle

  4. This is funny, but I had decided on 10 before reading the other votes.


  5. Penny: Thanks for stopping by. Lucky 7 it is.

    David: 7 it is.

    Lynn: 10 it is. Sometimes things just work out that way. :D

  6. Charles: Yup.

    Just trying to drum interest in my book, so I figure that this would be the easiest way of doing it. I kind of straddle two cyber worlds right now, blogs and Facebook, so I figure why not try to get both of them involved.

  7. M: Number 9 it is, although I should be glad that no number 6 was available. :D


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