Sunday, December 2, 2012

I's Just Sitting Here...

....trying to figure out how to write a synopsis for an 18,900 word story.

I mean, I had serious problems in writing a synopsis for my novel, but how in the world do you write a synopsis for a novella?

Oh, hello there! Is I, Yello Bear, and I've dropped by to help verbalize what my good buddy G.B. is thinking about today. And I bet you're wondering how my syntax has suddenly become like everyone else's, right? Simple really. I is drunker than Otis Campbell. When I am sober, I talk like the 3rd grade graduate I truly am. But when I've been sucking down the contents of a quality thirty pack for the better part of the day, then I can match verbiage with the best of them. Go figure.

Anyways, my good buddy G.B. is somewhat befuddled today. He recently finished editing (for the 4th time) his longish short story entitled A Shadow Warrior's Redemption, you know, tweaked it, tightened it, polished it, gave it a hotness that would make people sit up and say, "Damn! That some good writing!" and generally have it make sense from beginning to end.

And now, he's having a problem in writing a synopsis for the story. After all, a synopsis is a severely condensed version of your novel, which should cover all the high points, the low point, the conflicts, the resolutions, and the ending, all in under 1,500 words (about 4 pages). But the confusion he's experiencing is trying to condense down a novella into a synopsis of about a page, page and a half tops.

Even more problematic: what p.o.v. and what voice should he write in? 3rd? 1st? Snarky? Angry? Annoyed? Somewhere in between? What can he do to make it stand out?

So many questions and so little time, especially since he would like to enter the novella into a few writing contests for the upcoming year, which is in addition to the submission that he would like to make through normal channels as well.

So G.B. is sitting here in front of his computer, trying to make sense of it all, and coming to the realization that as a writer, he has no sense.

As well as no hook and no synopsis.

In any event, please stay tuned, as another stop is just around the corner for G.B.'s Disjointed Blog Tour of 2012, and from what I understand, it just might be a little bit better than G.B.'s visit to Razored Zen.


  1. Perhaps if you were sober you could give G.B. some help.

  2. Looking forward to the next Blog stop!

  3. Share your booze with GB, Yello Bear! Maybe it will help!

  4. G.A.: Yup, that would be a novel concept if I was sober. I think I would severely hurt his thought process.

    Kind of like Norman in that old Star Trek episode when Kirk told him that everything that Mudd said was a lie, and Mudd said, "I lie".

    Charles: So am I. I haven't been able to catch all of G.B.'s stops 'cause you know, I like to party all the time with Eddie Murphy.

    Debra: Share my....booze? Sacriledge! Yello Bear isn't made of that kind of money. :D

    Riot Kitty: Yup, the good fermented kind.

  5. Hmmm - good luck with that. :)

  6. Lynn: He'll needs all da luch that he's kan git to rites thats.

    Hays! I's sobur agin!

  7. Good luck to GB writing a bitty little thing to explain a long story... If I were unsure of point of view I'd write them all, n hopefully see what won't work well.
    Maybe he needs a lucky horseshoe. I already have one...

  8. Snaggle: Tanks. He's gonna ned it fer shure. Wall, I's dont no abuts a lucky horsyshu, but he has meh fors gud luck. :D


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