Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Welcome To Radio Geezer!

I have a strong urge to post something mindlessly upbeat. Today's post, which was postponed from last Saturday, hopes to do just that by bringing a slight smile to your face and slightly less heavier heart.

Where fresh and innovative makes the corporate suits break out in hives!

So get ready to relive those glory years of music, 'cause we all know that change is bad! Bad! Bad! Bad!

Familiarity is good, 'cause it makes the corporate suits cream their pants! Good! Good! Good!

The first track on this eight c.d. set that passes for 12 hours of programming, which gets repeated in random order the next 12 hours is Amie by Pure Prarie League.

This is the only song that you'll ever hear from that fantastic album "Bustin' Out", 'cause it was the only one that charted super-duper high on Billboard. And you can forget about the fact that the album is one long story of romance and heartache and that the ony way you can appreciate the song "Amie" is to listen to the preceding track.

No sir, you won't find up digging deeper into an album, because we're Radio Geezer!

Next up for your listening pleasure, the world's most overplayed live song that isn't from Frampton Comes Alive.

I Want You To Want Me by Cheap Trick.

Yes ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages. Cheap Trick, who had memorable albums and memorable songs (Surrender, Dream Police and The Flame) are all but reduced to a live song that features screaming fans from Japan. We love live music here at Radio Geezer and we especially love live music that has a top 100 hit connected to it,'cause we just love Billboard's Hot 100. Most importantly, we love listening to fans scream becasue a concert is about the money, not about the music. So we also wouldn't play this song by them either.

And right after Cheap Trick, we have the most annoying power ballad ever to come from a Canadian blues player: Angel Eyes by Jeff Healey.

Yup. You can forget about us digging deeper into his debut c.d. or anything else, 'cause you know wedding songs are da bomb, no matter who plays them. So what if the rest of his album rocks, especially this song:

Radio Geezer is into the "Ka Ching!" of the cash register, 'caue you know that our goal is to make the suits happy, not you.

And finally, the last song that Radio Geezer will play for this hour, 'cause you know 4 songs are our maximum output. Anymore than that, then we have to cut advertising spots, and that'll make the suits go super limp faster than seeing a sexy picture of the Minority Speaker of the House.

Rock & Roll All Night by KISS!

Yes, as much as we love old rock, we love it even more when old rock bands try to jump on a trend and come out with a song that truly sucks. DISCO!!!! We love disco, and how much more discotech can you get than KISS?

Rock meets disco meets Billboard Hot 100! Ahh...I can just smell the Wall Street suits instantly creaming their pants over that song, but certainly not over this one:

And for our next hour of programming we will feature faves from you the listener. Yes, here's your chance to tell Radio Geezer what's your most favorite overplayed song on the radio. Doesn't matter what genre, 'cause we like it all!


  1. Other than "I love it loud," I've not listened very often to these songs.

  2. You'd never know Cheap Trick had any good music just by listening to the radio, would you? I don't get it. No one I know wants to hear the same crap over and over, so I'm not sure why the stations do it.

  3. amiee what ya gonna do?

    one of the first songs i learned on the guitar was aimee... (sp...amy?)

    nice to hear that blast from the past....

  4. Charles: Except for the KISS album, I got the others and they rock from the first track to the last.

    One of the reasons why I included this particular song is that it was one of the few commercials for an album on t.v. back in the 80's. Another reason was that its actually the only song I like by KISS.

    M: Like I mentioned throughout the post, most commercial stations are owned by large corporations and thus they put profit over taste.

    Remember, nostalgia sells.

  5. Bruce: Don't get me wrong, "Amiee" is a decent song, but it's the only they ever pay from Pure Prarie League. A solid discography they got and it's distilled down to one overplayed song.

    Shoot, Craig Lee Fuller was a fine replacement when Little came back to life in the late 80's.

  6. Just when I think I'm too old....thanks!

  7. G.A.: You're very welcome. :D

    Sometimes I feel the exact same way when I listen to this stuff as well.


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