Friday, December 14, 2012


Why the children? Why? Why? Why? WHY?

What in the world did they do to deserve to wake up the next morning in the Almighty's loving arms?


  1. There is never justification to take someone's child away. How he told himself that's what he wanted to do? We will never understand. Totally horrifying!

    I'd thought they said Newington at first! Were I a survivors parent from today, my child would never go to a public school again- I'd always be paranoid with good reason.

    My convoluted theory today was that he'd maybe thought it was unfair the world was going to end the 21st, (he believed the Mayan calender thing), because he was only 20 yrs old, n it didn't matter because everyone was going to die soon anyways... maybe. Can't think of any other motivation or justification for that decision.

    Nothing will ever make that right.
    Hope it wasn't your town!

  2. Been in my constant thoughts since reading the news yesterday.

  3. My sister said last night that she wishes she could keep her wee grandson Monroe in a bubble to keep him safe. It's heartbreaking and unfathomable that this happened. I am filled with sorrow.

  4. Snaggle: No it wasn't.

    Newtown is in the opposite direction heading towards New York. It's a small bedroom/rural community much like Newington.

    There is no rational justification for what this monster did. What he should've done was simply blow his own brains out and save everyone esle the grief and heartache.

    How are the children who survived going to live with themselves?

    No child should have to suffer through this. No child should have to have an adult attempt to explain why the needed to cover their eyes while they were leaving.

  5. Anyone with any connection to the internet would have known the Mayan calendar thing didn't mean the world would end on 12/21. It's more an end to the current way of living and the beginning of a new cycle - that's according to a friend with an archeology degree who has studied it. But it is senseless, and we'll drive ourselves nuts trying to figure out his motives. Sad to say, but the only people who know for sure aren't around any longer. As for not putting their children in public schools, private schools have experienced school violence also. The one foremost in my mind this AM is the Amish school a while back, which I liken to as bad as yesterday's attack since the Amish are very innocent.

  6. David & Lynn: It is truly heartbreaking and heartwrenching on what happened yesterday.

    I still can't think about it, or even visit my Facebook page w/o tearing up over it.

  7. Amazing I was just listening to that song yesterday before I heard the news. Tragic.

  8. It's too horrifying for words. I don't understand, and I feel sick just thinking about it...big hugs to you.

  9. Bearman: It was a toss up between posting this song and Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven".

    This one won out only 'cause it doesn't make me cry as much as the other.

    M: I can't even begin to describe how upset I am right now.

  10. I once read a book (non-fiction) about killing in the military. Apparently it used to be difficult to train young men to kill. Research has shown that the most effective way to encourage people to shoot other people is to have them spend lots of time in digital simulations of battle, to get them used to it. Kind of like video games. Actually, exactly like video games. Young men spend a lot of time practicing to shoot people these days. The only surprising thing is that there's not an outcry towards banning that type of video game.

  11. S.R.: Money.

    It boils down to the almighty dollar.

    Violence sells. Peace does not.

  12. I don't understand it either, and it's left me in a dour mood as well. I don't have kids, but in knowing that I'd like to have them in a few years, the thought of bringing them into a world like this terrifies me. We glamorize these monsters in the media, so rather than going off quietly and ending their lives, they strive to out-do each other and become the biggest name in the news by shooting up more innocent people than the last. It's sickening.

  13. Just terrible news. Totally shocking. What more can I say?

  14. ABfTS: It is exceptionally unreal/surreal at the moment and for me as a parent, I can't help but think "What if" when it comes to my 12 year old.

    It just thoroughly disgusts me right now and for the immediate future, it has made me think twice about watching certain kinds of movies and yes, even reading certain kinds of books.

    Joe: That about sums it up in nutshell. I'm finding it incredibly hard to wrap my head around this and it just seems that no matter where I go and what I see/listen to, there will always be that gray cloud hovering in the distance and flavoring everything with just a little bit of sadness.

  15. KC: Apologies for the late answer to your comment as Blogger apparently mislabled your comment as spam.

    Excellent point made.


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