Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Change, While For The Best, Sometimes Isn't

This year, while starting out with a bang as it pertains to my writing, is also bringing about a change to my job.

A wonderful co-worker and friend is, after 5 years, moving on to another agency, which promises to give her the experience that she needs in order to stand up and stand out when it comes time to move upwards.

There is a saying in our work world that sometimes you have to transfer out in order to get what you need in order to move up, and my co-worker and friend is doing what she needs to do in order to move up.

Even though we'll still maintain contact via the e-mail and Facebook (we reconnected after a two year hiatus), a part of me will be a little more empty without her cheerful exuberance and and warm personality to brighten my day.

While running my errands this past Sunday (1/6), the above mentioned song popped up my radio, and I think it appropriately sums up my state of mind as it applies to how I feel about my good friend and soon to be ex-coworker moving on to a better future.


  1. That's bittersweet - we have a work study person at work who is amazing, but is also graduating. I'm going to cry buckets when she leaves, of course.

  2. M: Yeah, it's gonna be hard on Friday, the first day that she's not there.

  3. Yeah, I hate to see the fun ones go too. But the pains in the ass never seem to leave. What's up with that?

  4. Debra: Protection.

    In the public sector, we have an informal saying that no bad employee is fired and no good employee goes unpunished.

  5. All I can think about is how all of the Beatles must have hated that "Beatles cut" for their hair. George Harrison the most. Wonder who dreamed up that look for them. Seems like Ringo kept it the longest. Sorry, I know that is off topic:)

  6. G.A.: No need to apologize. I think it was the record company that had them dress up in shirt & tie and short hair.

    As you know, rock music back then was still unacceptable to the majority of people, so the record companies had to find a way to make the performers as inoffensive as possible.

  7. Better to be moving on to a better future for sure.

  8. Having always been self employed I've never had to go through losing a work colleague that I love. Not sure if that's good or bad really.

  9. Charles: It definitely is. While this is simply a lateral, it's to an agency that will allow her to gain more experience and thus make herself more attractive to potential employers when the job freeze thaws again.

    Joe: It's good in a way, in that you don't form attachments with other co-workers, only with potential clients.


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