Monday, January 14, 2013


Breakfast, Lunch

To complete this meal trilogy we shall now bloviate on the topic of dinner.

Unlike breakfast, in which I usually inhale the same thing day in and day out, I can usually vary what I eat at dinner, and just like lunch, I can get a little creative as well.

At dinner, because I take the same amount of meds that I do at breakfast, I have the same kind of leeway with my calories like I do at breakfast. And just like at breakfast, I have to make sure I eat the right kind of calories. If this sound confusing, it's not. To simplify, if I have the right mix of sugar based and non-sugar based calories, then I don't suffer from a low blood sugar attack. Wrong mix, then we suffer from a low blood sugar attack, which in turn freaks out anyone who has the unfortunate experience of witnessing it.

Anyways, back to dinner.

Because I have basically eliminated certain types of cuisine from my dies (most Italian, Chinese and some American BBQ), the variety I have to play with isn't much, so I try to get the most out of it.

My dinner (usually) consists of three items: meat/fish/poultry, side dish and veggie. Because if anything, my dinner may not be 100% healthy, but at least its relatively balanced.

On the entree side, I will usually cook up either bratwurst, kielbasa, Italian sausage (hot, not sweet, 'cause sweet has corn syrup), skinless thighs or homemade hot wings. Sometimes I'll season with hot sauce, garlic or crushed red pepper, before chucking it into the oven. If I'm having chicken, sometimes I'll marinade for the oven, or cut it up for a mini stir fry (with olive oil). If I'm having seafood like scallops or popcorn shrimp, maybe a dash of lemon juice added to it. If I'm having cold seafood (imitation crab for example), then lemon juice or tartar sauce.

For sides, not only does it depend on what I was in the mood for while shopping, but it also depends on how much effort I want to put into making it. For the purpose of this post, we'll go with being overly enthusiastic about cooking. Since I'm being overly enthusiastic about cooking today, we'll be having a side of either chicken flavored, beef flavored or non-flavored rice. More often than not, we'll go with non-flavored rice as it's much more fun to add other flavors to it.

And finally, we move on to the veggies. 99% of the time, the veggie of choice is corn. I love corn, be it canned or fresh on the cob. I like cooked peppers and onions, but only as a compliment to a main entree like sausage. The other 1% of the time I will have a (usually) pre-made side salad that I will sometimes beef up with other assorted odds & ends. Dressing is usually red-wine vinegar and oil, simply because it contains about a gram of sugar per serving (lemon juice).

So my friends, this concludes my mini-series on what I eat for the three basics Monday thru Thursday. What I eat on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, is a whole other post entirely.

And lest we forget to ask the all important always duplicated by better people elsewhere question, what's on your plate for the evening meal (or morning, if you work the overnight and your meal habit is flipped)?


  1. So do you cook for the whole family, too?

    I have almost the same thing most nights - a dinner salad consisting of spring greens, steamed vegetables (usually broccoli and cauliflower), low fat feta cheese and an olive oil/dijon mustard/lemon juice dressing I make and keep in a Mason jar. Filling and easy. :)

  2. Whatever I manage to heat up in the microwave! No one cooks in our house. I tend to eat pasta. I need to work on the veggies.

  3. Mr. RK frequently accuses me of 1) running a viral marketing campaign for the organic produce industry, and 2) being a rabbit. That said, we have lots of healthy stuff in addition to veggies. Last night was whole wheat pasta with homemade sauce (I make homemade pasta sometimes too), salad and fake burgers (I also love soy.) Sorry you asked? :)

  4. Lynn: I don't cook for my family because only my wife appreciates my cooking, and since we don't cross paths until I get home from work, my cooking dinner for her hasn't happened in..a..few..years.

    Sounds like you got a good healthy dinner going for you.

    Joe: Back in the day, when I worked in the private sector (convenience stores), I was the king of microwave food for all three meals. You name it, I probably nuked it and ate it.

    On the occasions that I make pasta, I have a tendency not to use any kind of sauce, and simply use some kind of salt, either regular or flavored for seasoning.

    M: Soy burger? Sacrilege!

    That being said, there is something for eating organic. However, I will not eat organic non-veggie prepared foods, because most prepared organic foods are loaded with sugar.

  5. Breakfast yesterday was a couple of handfuls of peanuts. Lunch was some dried out Pizza that had been cooked way too long. I then tried a hamburger that would make hockey puck jealous of its firmness.

    But in the evening, Lana fixed London Broil and it was exquisite. so, good eating day!

  6. Charles: I've had breakfasts and lunches like that over the years, but a good home cooked meal for dinner most definitely triumphs garbage like that.

  7. Any meal at our home is a challenge. Ron doesn't want to eat anything and I want to eat everything.

  8. G.A.: That is definitely a challenge.

    My challenge is that I want to eat everything, and since I'm a diabetic, all I can do at times is to drool, drool, drool.

  9. A few times per month I buy chicken made into soup/stew with onions, garlic, n carrots, eaten with biscuits for days. This week I found a pound of hamburger under $3. Will make a meal of burgers, using leftover for pasta or Cheeseburger bagel pizzas. Yesterday I just opened a can of beets- eaten with a fork out of the can. Had Turkey dogs last week, some with baked beans, other in wheat buns with organic ketchup. All items were very cheap on sale. I eat eggs at least once per week. All meals involve easy to reheat leftovers for another day...

  10. Snaggle: That sounds pretty cool and interesting.

    My wife does the same thing with leftovers like turkey and ham. We'll have various offshoots or days afterwards.


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