Friday, January 18, 2013

Extreme Waffling!

I have two folders sitting on top of my printer next to my computer. One is labeled "Blog Posts" and the other is labeled "Blog Posts". While this does sound confusing, the reality is anything but. The first folder called "Blog Posts" is the one that contains blog posts which are 99% complete and thus ready for posting.

And before you ask how 99% complete equals ready for posting, the answer is that the remaining 1% involves the simple annoyance of inserting links into the post (which is also 99% of the time).

The 2nd folder labeled "Blog Posts", which the first folder rests on, contains posts that fall into three unique categories of waffling:

1} Sleep inducing.
2} No longer relevant.
3} Misconstrued.

These three particular categories were create by me for the express purpose of hoarding pre-written posts until I feel comfortable enough in unleashing them on you the reader.

Confused? Welcome to my world. But we'll try to make your visit to my world (not necessarily this blog, which are two completely different animals) as painless as possible.

Sleep Inducing.

In most circles, I'm known as a reasonably bright goy, in that a good chunk of the time, I can hold my own while talking about a particular subject. By the same token, there are times when I can't, and I'll admit to that fact and politely disengage.

But then there are times when I can positively put people asleep simply by bloviating on a personally chosen topic. One such post I have stored away is about health insurance.

Now, unlike some people who don't have a clue about health insurance (i.e. politicians, social activists and the media), I can talk with a reasonable degree of knowledge about health insurance, mostly from a financial standpoint.

Sleep inducing? You bet your sweet ass it is. Hot button topic? Absolutely. Which is why you'll won't see it here for the foreseeable future. I like you and I don't want to bore you to death.

No Longer Relevant.

Because I write so many posts ahead of time, there are times when a given post simply isn't relevant any more.

Case in point: I had originally written a three part post about what I should work on next back in mid-October. However, by the time I was ready to post part one, my novel was released. This was no big thing as it forced me to tweak the post before putting it up.

However, by the time part three rolled around, the post became irrelevant. Between part 2 & part 3, I did a little networking and thus developed a small lead for one of my novellas.

Doing that made my mini-series relatively obsolete for the foreseeable, and thus the remaining post went to the folder of no return.

Easily Misconstrued.

This one is the most sensitive category I have, in that I have a couple of posts that I wrote during one my numerous bouts of self doubt. If I were to post any of these, I believe that you the reader would easily, and possibly permanently, take it the wrong way.

Nothing can destroy a friendship/relationhip faster than saying something that people could misconstrue.

To sum it up, not everything that I write for the blog makes it to the blog. Sometimes, self censorship is better than shoving your foot down to the ankle in your mouth 'cause you blew your emergency brake.


  1. Why are your blog posts in a folder on your printer and not in a folder on your computer?

  2. I dont write too many posts in advance but I do keep a list of potential topics incase I have brain freeze, which is most of the time. Like you sometimes I sensor my own posts and feel that something I write could offend or maybe it's just too specific to my taste and really too self indulgent to post.

  3. Bearman: Because the width of my computer screen would make the folder fall off and scare the dust bunnies who nest in the back of my table. :D

    Joe: I come up with topics in advance from time to time and will write myself short notes to remind myself of them, but usually I'll think of a topic and write it then and there.

    The self-censoring isn't too bad, but it has gotten chippier in the past few months as some of my sour moods have lasted longer than usual.

  4. Debra: It's what our politicians and most of our newscasters do these days.

  5. That last line is what I do all the time!

  6. I was inspired to ask the same question Bearman asked. Do you really have documents in paper folders and are they printed off the computer or written in longhand or are they on flash drives in a special folder. Inquiring minds...

  7. Clarfication for Bearman: I thought you were being funny with your question, which is why I answered the way I did.

    However, I realize now it could be interpeted in another way, so I will answer yours again with G.A.'s.

    M: Do tell, do tell. :D

    G.A.: I often write my posts out by hand because 1) I have so much down time at work that it's the easiest way to stay out of trouble, 2) I can acutally write a little faster and organize my thoughts easier when I write by hand as opposed to typing, and 3) less hand fatigue.

  8. I used to routinely do blog posts ahead of time and have a couple in the bag. I got away from that last year. I hope to do more of it this year.

  9. Charles: I've always scheduled posts way in advance throughout the years of blogging, but lately it's been on the wane ever since my book came out back in October.

    It should take me another month until I can properly assimilate the book (and other projects) in with my blog.

  10. Blog material is difficult sometimes - I struggle sometimes, too, in periods when things aren't going well personally. I quite understand.

  11. Lynn: Sometimes, life does get to be too much for me to deal with, so when I write something about a particular issue, more often than not, it goes on the backburner for a very long time.

  12. I love that you bothered to label both folders with the identical label. That tickles my funny bone.

    Is "goy" a typo, or did you actually mean to say that you're a reasonably bright non-Jew? ;-)

  13. S.R.: Thanks. Sometimes it easier to label folders with the same name because only I know what the difference is inside.

    And no, it wasn't a typo. Interesting that you were the only one to pick up on it. :D


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