Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting Our Cheeks Spanked Cherry Red By Father Nature

As most of you know, Connecticut got spanked kinky style with almost four feet of snow over the weekend. Now truth be told, my general opinion about Storm Nemo (yah, stupid name) was something like this picture.

As of Monday, it became something like my current header.

But sometimes, a couple of photos can't quite accurately describe or catch what a particular event wound up being.

So being of unsound mind, I decided to shoot a before and after of Storm Nemo. If you follow me over to my semi-dormant picture blog called "Shooting Suburbia", you can check out the before and after videos of Storm Nemo!!!

I should point out one very strange change that Blogger made to their video/picture editor. Apparently, you can upload videos in the following ways: from YouTube, from your YouTube videos, from a webcam and from your phone. No longer can you upload videos directly from your computer. You now have to use YouTube if you want to upload personal vidoes from your computer to your blog.


  1. I only know your title of this post is a grabber,

  2. G.A.: Yeah, it is.

    The weekend storm and the way we got a collective butt kicked just begged for a descriptive adjective to be used.

    Sadly, the weather report for next weekend looks like a repeat of this past weeked, albiet with a lesser impact.

  3. Would you have preferred Storm Gandalf? I told you they've gone Hollywood!

  4. M: They started calling it "Storm Charlotte".

    Hollywood ain't got nothing on us. Any of those pretensious wannabes would absolutely have a hissy fit if they had to experience what normal people like you and I have to experience.

  5. for the longest time you could not add youtube videos to blogspot...which was sad. funny they have reinstated it

  6. Darth: I think you've always been able to add YouTube videos to your blog. The issue as of late was trying to directly load personal videos from your computer directly to your blog. It used to get hung up big time.

    Now you have to upload your personal videos to YouTube before you can upload to your blog.

  7. Man, that's kinky alright! We got one foot in Toronto, and I thought that was bad.

  8. S.R.: We always get hammered to the extreme when it comes to snowstorms. Feast or famine, there's never a happy medium.


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