Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dabbling Here

I often find myself, from time to time, dabbling in genres that I either don't read much of (crime fiction) or very seldom (horror). And when I do dabble in those genres, it's more for personal curiosity than for actual publication.

Take horror for example.

I don't read much in the way of horror these days (sorry Charles), nor do I write it for publication. However, I am fascinated enough by a certain aspect, namely cannibalism, that I do enjoy writing little ditties/flash fiction about.

I'm not sure why the fascination with cannibalism had decided to take up residence inside my head. I don't think I did anything to ecourage it, beyond reading the usual stories some twenty to thirty years ago about it. I did have a small obsession with true crime back then (still do to a certain degree), so maybe that had something to do with it. Certainly didn't watch horror moves then or now either (unless you count Zombieland).

But nevertheless, the fascination with cannibalism has made me write weird pieces of flash that have popped up on the blog from time to time. I've also written two very strange short stories for my now closed short story blog, one of which I may try to submit to e-zines again, once I decide to fix a few continuity issues that a writer friend had thoughtfully pointed out to me.

In any event, weird pieces of flash cannibalism will continue to pop up on the blog from time to time, which usually springs from my fertile imagination whenever I'm having shitty day at work.

Up next, another genre that I dabble in from time to time..


  1. Fantasies about serving up your boss with fava beans and a nice chianti?

  2. I have a "cannabalism" story with a twist about a quarter of the way done. Maybe I'll have to finish it just for you. :)

  3. I don't remember reading that first story but it's very you even if it's a subject you don't write about very often. Nice on! :D

  4. Debra: I think we all fantasies like that from time to time. :D

    I should mention that one of my favorite shows from the late 80's was "Tales from The Darkside".

    Charles: Honestly, cannabalism is really a fun theme to play around with. You can do so many bizarre things with it that you simply can't gross people out with it.

    Joe: Thanks. I genuiely appreciate the thoughtful compliment.

    It's funny how one's writing style/theme doesn't really change much from genre to genre.

  5. I love how these ideas germinate when you are irritated at work!

  6. M: I have a tendency to get super flaky if I write these at work, and I started writing a two-parter about my cubicle bookshelf today.

  7. Eek - cannibalism. Horrifying!

  8. Lynn: It's funny (or strange, depending on how you look at it) how I have a tendency to hook onto the grossest things that one can write about. Cannibalism is one example, and getting sick to one's stomach is another.

  9. I've published a few cannibalism stories but never considered writing one. You have the field to yourself, sir.

  10. David: It's really weird how the words really flow from my pen when I decide to dabble in the stuff.

    I think its probably due to where I work and the people I deal with on a daily basis that drives me to write this kind of stuff.


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