Monday, March 18, 2013

Number 456, Take Duece

Today's repeat will feature a new twist on my b'day, as post #456 was published on my b'day in 2010. Whereas that post from almost three years ago was somewhat bittersweet, today's will not. If you get a weird vibe from reading this, chances are that weird vibe is probably correct.

My family rarely celebrates my b'day on the actual day. Why? Because my b'day is on the 27th of May, and in the larger scheme of things, that is the kick-off to the summer camping season (Memorial Day weekend). If I want to celebrate my b'day with my family on the actual day, I usually have to drive up to Litchfield (although this season, I'll have to drive down to Bozrah), waste gas for two+ hours and spend a (usually) dull afternoon with my wife and mother, 'cause you know, the kids really can't be bothered much beyond saying "Happy B'day, Dad!"

Last year though, it really wasn't that dull. In fact there was a lot of excitement, which was due to an encounter of the moronic kind with an officer from the state constabulary. For those you who have not had the displeasure of listening to me grump about this, either in person or on Facebook, there is a seriously major legal battle going on between two ownership groups.

Anyways, long story short, the state constabulary was called in and I came within minutes of having a very unpleasant experience with that particular egotistical wannabe military man. Fortunately, my lovely wife grabbed me by the arm and shooed me out of the way.

So the usual thing that happens (which has been going on for about 15+ years), because more often than not I do not go to the campsite, is that we go out later in the week to celebrate my b'day.


So while a b'day is something to be savored, remembered and celebrated, to me, my b'day is just another day signifying that I'm another year older (48) and the start of wondering what the hell am I gonna do to improve my life in the next 365 days.


  1. Hoping this year's is much better, and conflict-free!

  2. M: Not sure about being better, but my mother changed campsites this year, so instead of going to the northwestern corner of the state, she'll be camping in the southeastern part of the state.

  3. I received my order for the autographed copy of LINE 21 yesterday. My 10 year old granddaughter was with me when I opened it the package. "That lady doesn't have on any clothes?" she exclaimed, so I quickly turned the book over and she looked at the back and said, "That says sex!". Needless to say I think I'll wait to start reading it until they leave. LOL

  4. I pretty much stopped celebrating my birthday after the 40th. I usually just want to rest and eat some good food.

  5. G.A.: Thanks for the late morning chuckle. I have co-workers who will not buy the print version from me for that exact same reason, and I don't blame them one bit.

    I call it being a responsible parent, or in your case, a responsible grandparent.

    Charles: My actual b'day usually winds up being a rather solitary affair. I veg out and splurge on the kind of expensive take out that I normally avoid the other 364 days of the year.

  6. I read that as "Take a Deuce"

  7. Bearman: Sometimes, taking a deuce is the right thing to do.

  8. I've never been that keen on celebrating my birthday either. I remember this year I walked up to my mother and she looked at me and said "God you've aged in a year!" She said she was joking, but I can't say I laughed.

    I hope this next year is a really excellent one for you!

  9. Joe: As I get older, it seems to bother me more. Especially at work, when I'm seeing employees that I do payroll for with birthdates that range from when I was in high school ('79-'83) to about 1986.

    Then I just get into a bad groove for the rest of the day because I can't forget the fact that when I was graduating high school, these people were still in diapers.


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