Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Is Readys For The Birdies!

Last year, I had to stop feeding our fine feathered friends 'cause my mother's psychotic chihuahuas successfully chased them from the backyard to the front yard, thus causing them to mooch down the bird seed and creating much human, feathered friend and tree distress.

The wizened old tree became so distressed from the lack of visitors of the feathered persuasion that it turned into this:

Not looking so good does it.

Fortunately, the wizened yet severely gnarly looking tree managed to survive yet another harsh winter that turned the less hardy woodened folks into this:

This year, I decided to start feeding the birdies, because I got the idea a few months ago to buy squirrel proof bird feeders. Now as you know, when you're on a tight budget, buying non-necessary items because an exercise in financial creativity. So while I was trying to figure out how to work these items into my budget, Father Nature dropped a nice little bomb on my dysfunctional world.

My mother, who was cleaning out her old campsite and moving things to her new campsite in the southeastern part of the state, had a bunch of old squirrel proof bird feeders. So when I got home, I found about eight of them hanging about the various places in the front yard.

Pleasantly surprised at this turn of events, about a week later, I carved out some "me" time to do some basic birdy landscaping. I moved one of the giant birdfeeders to the side yard, and redesigned the front yard with the rest.

So now I have six squirrel proof birdfeeders at the ready, so when the weather warms up in a couple of weeks, our fine feathered friends will be able to dine sans squirrels and chat up the wizened yet gnarly tree, and hopefully the tree will be returned to it natural glory:


They can brighten any human or non-human's day simply by being there.


  1. I'm glad the feathered ones will benefit from your bounty!

    I haven't ever seen a squirrel in our garden, but the feline predators give me grief. I keep a 'loaded' water pistol by the back door - a squirt up the bum usually sees them off! ;-)

  2. That is very cool. I like squirrels much more than birds, as birds kind of scare me, but they both like to torment my indoor cats. Mr. RK says they're thinking, "Lunch on legs!"

  3. Sue: They're just starting to show up now. I got home today and did a brief inspection of the front yard and saw just a smidgen of birdseed under each one.

    I hates squirrels with a passion. Last summer, I chased two of them with whatever I could my grubby little hands on. Didn't have any luck in whacking the crap out of them, but it sure was fun trying to do so.

    M: Holly (my cat) used to watch the birds with great intent, prior to the psychotic chihuahuas making their appearance, from the windowsill.

    Mr. RK is definitely thinking in the right direction. :D

  4. You will have to share the model squirrel deterrent. So far the clever squirrels have managed to outsmart ours. Good post.

  5. G.A.: Thanks.

    As soon as I figure out what that is, I'll share it with everyone.

    I did get a good suggestion on FB to give a slingshot a try.

  6. Lana hates squirrels as well, for generally the same reasons. They eat too much of our bird seed!

  7. Such timing. Looking forward to seeing old glory in its glory

  8. That's so wonderful - just hearing their sweet music is reward enough for feeding them.

  9. Charles: Last year, I was going thru so much birdseed that it felt like three extra mouths had taken up permanent residence. I hates squirrels.

    Bearman: So am I.

    When spring and summer are in full swing, I look forward to turning down my street 'cause my front yard is usually full of birds joyfully pigging out and chirping.

    Lynn: Absolutely. Especially early in the morning when I'm getting ready to go to work. I often sneak outside and listen for several seconds or so before the birds see me and take flight.

  10. We have a squirrel baffle on our feeder - attaches below the feeder - and it works great. The occasional squirrel will try an act of sheer insanity and leap from the garage roof (over a 15 foot span) and manage to cling onto the feeder, but they usually don't do it again. I always imagine other squirrels laughing and cat-calling when another ones does the crazy leap! :)

  11. Talon: Excellent!

    I tell ya, some squirrels are very determine little nutjobs when it comes to getting free eats.


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