Sunday, May 12, 2013

Count Your Downs: 800

I thought for the next three weeks or so, I would re-visit some old blog posts of mine and showcase how Cedar's Mountain has evolved over the past 59 months.

I know this sounds a little bit like my new series called "ReDeux!" but this is something so radically different that it will make your head spin, or at the very least, wonder why I wrote some of this stuff in the first place.

One thing that will make this post, which is #998, different from the others, is that I'll be whipping out some tags that have not see any kind of usage since the early days of this blog.

For instance, in celebration of revisiting blog post #800, I dusted off the shelf a very old tag called "Music".

Unlike the previous seven posts, I really have no good segue to tie into this particular post, as the topic of choice is live music.

So without further ado, please peruse this cool post from March 4, 2012 called "I'm Feeling 619, But I'm Looking 925!"

Please note that there was a contest connected to the title of this post, which was won by Chris LaTray. Hey, I just found my tie in! About a year ago, Chris LaTray released a c.d. with his band American Falcon, called appropriately enough, "American Falcon". Please check it out 'cause it really is a kick ass c.d.


  1. That's very cool that you saw Wang Chung and the Cars.

  2. I was just posting about American Falcon the other day. Great CD for sure.

  3. M: It was. That was back in the day when concert prices were affordable for the average joe, unlike today in which you have to take out a 2nd mortgage on your house.

    Charles: I was curious on whether or not it was on Amazon, so when I was buying my latest batch of c.d.'s I decided to search for it. Sure enough, there it was.

  4. I'm smiling, G, because I remember that post about attending concerts and it brought back a flood of fine memories and still does. So thank you! :)

  5. I'll bet that Cars concert was great.

  6. Talon: You're very welcome. :D

    Lynn: I think it was. I was at the age where I didn't really know what direction I was going in musically, so it was more of "Hey, I got tickets to a rock concert!" than anything else.

  7. Ha I do remember that post, it made me laugh. :D

  8. Joe: Glad I was able to give you a chuckle back then. :D


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