Saturday, June 15, 2013

Man Cave!

Man cave!

Man cave!

My friends, up above you will see two slightly different versions of why I was offline for most of the past week, as I paid the ultimate price for redecorating.

Between working for 2 1/2 solid days moving, emptying, decluttering, rearranging, moving again (and before you ask, I most certainly did move those wooden cubes filled with records as is. some I moved myself, some I had help with. most weighed 50+ pounds. also moved the cabinet with the 45's with help from son's friend, but I emptied that first), re-rearranging, unpacking new computer, spending gobs of money on products for the computer, I wound up being a complete and utter mess.


Let's start with son having a job delivering the morning paper, thus using an alarm that goes off at 2 & 2:30 in the morning. Add severe sleep interruptus (go to bed at 10:30p, get waken up at 2, at 2:30, and finally waking up at 5). Multiply the end result by one solid month. Add in working one's self into the ground on man cave project for 2 1/2 straight days in crappy humid back/leg/arm/hand killing conditions. End result: instead of going back to work on Wednesday, we collapse from sheer exhaustion and spend two days in bed doing the very best impersonation of a cat, coupled with fever, chills, nightmares, daymares and saluting the porcelain gods.

Was it worth it?


Would I do something like this again?

Only if I was expanding further into the basement, otherwise, hell no.

And just for ha-ha's (HA!), this blog post will be repeated sans video but with still pictures and new verbiage on Sunday at Shooting Suburbia.


  1. Hey, nice Man Cave and it's ready just in time for Father's Day -- woo hoo!

  2. Looks pretty cool but man that seems like a lot of work.

  3. Debra: Thanks, and yes, definitely in time for Father's day. :D

    Charles: Thanks, and yes, it was a boatload of work. It's not something I would recommend doing from scratch like that, but it was something that was in the planning stages for almost 4 years. It was just this year that I was able to find what I wanted (a new computer with Windows 7) that forced me to get off my butt and do it.

  4. Man caves are worth it until the wife decides she has a better idea for the space

  5. Wow, that does look like tons of work-
    Happy belated Father's Day
    Hope you spent it basking in your new cave admiring your labors n digging some awesome vinyl tunes-
    Welcome back

  6. Bearman: This is true. But I don't think that the wife is gonna want to be in the genernal neighborhood of the furnace and water heater any time soon.

    Snaggle: Thanks, and yes, I is basking in the tunes this week and even better, having all this stuff is jogging my memory for things that I can write about.

  7. Looks great! I'd love to have a closer look at your vinyl. My Man Cave/Studio could do with a real sort out.

  8. Joe: Thanks.

    It really needs another sort as I just simply moved everything piecemeal and stacked it according to size (bought two different types of cubes).

    Most of my stuff samples almost every genre you can think off and the date range is from the mid-60's to the very early 2000's, with a mixture of about 85% original and 15% reissue.

    Same goes for my 45's, about 85% original and 15% reissue.


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