Friday, July 12, 2013

A Two And A Half Fer The Price Of One Full Share


This week hasn't been too too bad for me as the jack of all trades at home (manservant, house-husband, driver, and of course, lacky) so today's post will continue our modest streak of not phoning it in (yes, I know I gave a warning, but isn't it better to be forewarned than to be surprised?).

For starters, I'm not here. I'm elsewhere in my little world.

Specifically, for starters, I am over at Shooting Suburbia, hosting the final installment of Alive Is The Neighborhood.

And, for extra special bonus, I'm over at my adult blog It's Always Saturday In Suburbia, hosting for only the 2nd time in my nascent writing career, a pure G-rate Disney type short story, simply entitled "The Tree".

I originally wrote the short story for a fellow Solstice writer's story blog, but being that I'm still stuck in that dark dank hole of zero tolerance for overly caffeinated writers who shamelessly pimp (like seriously over the top) their writings, I decided to share the story with people who don't have that narrow focus of being just writers (which if you notice, I only follow writers whose interests are infinite).

Namely you.

So whatever your poison happens to be, either visually stimulated (picture) or imagination gone haywire (written word), I hope your Friday is a good 'un.


Go on, give me your best shot. I can take it. If I couldn't, I wouldn't have created this wonderful little blog that you decided to grace with your presence today.

About that comment moderation thingy: While yes, it does say up above I can take it, I only use it to prevent the occasional miscreant from leaving thoughtless and/or clueless comments.

So remember, all of your comments are greatly appreciated and all answers will be given that personal touch that you come to expect and enjoy.

G. B. Miller

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