Monday, July 29, 2013

Finish Me Now!!!!

There is absolutely nothing worse than having roughly a half dozen handwritten posts* in various stages of incompleteness sitting next to your computer screaming out at the top of their collective lungs, "Finish me now!!!!"

Almost all of them, save two, were started when an idea popped into my head (usually at work) that stayed around long enough for me to start writing them down later in the day. The bad thing was that I started writing them later in the day, like an hour before it was quitting time. One cropped up while I was editing my short story trilogy and hung around long enough for me to copy and paste various related paragraphs to a Word document, and the other cropped up while I was doing my Saturday morning errands recently.

So for today's post, I thought I would share with one and all what the title/topic of those partial handwritten posts in order to give you a little insight on what makes good ol' G.B. tick when the blogging bug bites. My friends, be very very afraid.

1} Deep Down, You Know You Got It: This one is about how deep down, we all got a hankering for authentic country and its various sub-genres music.

2} How To Take A Nap: Yes, you read correctly. I started writing this one back when Connecticut was getting smacked around with a  week-long heatwave, and yes, the idea came to me when I was falling asleep in the very hot shade of Cedar Mountain.

3} Lurching Towards A Happy Medium: This was another writing update/explanation as to why I was dropping my current project and picking up on a novella that I wrote about five years ago. This one was actually a pretty decent semi-crime novella not only set in Connecticut, but uses quite a few local settings/locations that some of you might be familiar with.

4} What's Your Book's Soundtrack?: This one is pretty much self-explanatory, but just in case you need clarification, I try to answer the question of what music might your book, either as a writer or as a reader, conjure up the minute you open it.

5} Road Trip: The idea for this one came to me while I was driving to my other office in Middletown this past June. I was having a pretty bad week and my bi-weekly drive helped cure (for a little while) the blues.

6} Untitled: This one originally cropped up while I was editing my short story trilogy (more on that Wednesday). The topic of choice is female character description, which is one of my strong suits in my writing.

Most of these will eventually make it to this blog, but in the meantime you have just finished reading a now rare blog post. I say rare because this post was written completely on the fly. In other words, I sat down in front of the computer and instead of using one of my handwritten posts, I used my brain and wrote without any kind of plan or outline.

And please be advised that if you click on the asterisk, it will take you to my adult blog. Nothing nasty or R/X/NC-17 but I figure since I have the space, I might as well us it. The post over there will take you less than ten seconds to read and zero to comment, because I'm making it comment proof. And the links you'll see will take you to a multiple of places that feature me, because hey, I have an ego and I might as well stroke it as much as possible.


  1. I've got a whole folder on the computer labelled possible blog posts. I almost never go check it out, although there's stuff in there. When I do I don't feel like writing on any of those subjects anymore.

  2. These all sound like good posts. Git 'er done, boy!

  3. I think you should post the how to take a nap idea. :)

  4. How to take a nap!! Can't wait. Also very interested in female character description.

  5. Charles: I get like that from time to time. I look at what I got either in my blog post folder or my library folder and sometimes I say, "Yecchhh."

    Debra: Thanks, and I shall git-r-done soon.

    Lynn: I think that was my best idea yet. It sounds so corny but yet it has the makings of a very far out post.

    M: Yeah, I figure you would find that description one interesting. :D

  6. I could use more female character tips.
    And sorry, deep down, I don't have it - I'm a metalhead.

  7. Alex: Considering my age (48) I've been one of those classic semi-metalheads. But I am trying to broaden my horizons by listening to it whenever I can.

    Female character descriptions has always been one of my strong points. Not sure why, but I've learn not to question what little talent I got (j/k).


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