Monday, October 21, 2013

I Took A Walk, I Observed, I Now Share

I took a mild mental break yesterday (no comments from the macadamia gallery) by taking a short drive to WestFarms Mall, thus creating an opportunity to stretch my legs and floss my brain with observations of the human race.

Warning: There is a chance of you being mildly offended by what you're about to read. If so, please direct your complaint to the Amalgamated Association of Morons, Local 6 7/8, located in lovely downtown Pennsylvania Avenue, which is next to that funny little organization that is being run into the ground by the Blue People.

Observation #1: Urban Outfitters is now carrying, in addition to selected book titles, selected new and reissue music releases on vinyl. Yes, I said, vinyl. Contrary to popular opinion, vinyl is not the latest trend in music, but simply the reappearance of a format that anyone over the age of 35 grew up with. However, the prices are definitely not what you remember them to be. Back them, single LP's were about $8 and doubles were about $15. Now they range in price from $19 (single) to $35 (doubles) and more for certain boxed sets. Plus, a lot of these albums contain things like: codes for MP3 downloads and copies of the actual c.d.

Observation #2: Stretch pants/ski pants/yoga pants, greatly emphasize all that is good, bad and ugly in women. If you need me to elaborate, then it's plainly obvious that you are not a long time reader of this blog, my adult blog or of my writings. I feel your pain....not.

Observation #3: Knee high boots not only are still sexy, no matter what the style, but can make a grown man freeze his face until said owner of boots leaves his field of vision. Afterwards, the grown man usually has to have his face slapped as a reality check.

Observation #4: Long hair is still sensual and sexy, no matter what nationality it may be. I've always been a fan of long hair and roughly 75% of my stories feature women with long hair.*

Observation #5: Two of the original 16 teams that were created in 1901 and 1892 are playing in the World Series later this month: Detroit Tigers (1901) and St. Louis Cardinals (1892). For those who might doubt the validity of my facts, here is the Wikipedia links for the National League and the American League.

*I couldn't find a decent link for long hair, except for Cosmopolitan, and I find that magazine to be somewhat insulting to women. I mean, really, does anyone need 50 ways to make a guy climax or make you orgasm?


  1. Wow, that page you linked to sure has some crazy boots! I like some of the stilettos, but I don't think that I could walk in them.

  2. I am also a fan of long hair and boots.

  3. Would that be akin to 50 ways to leaving your lover? :P

    Cosmo is basically recycling the same issue every month...forever. "50 ways to fuck!"

  4. S.R.: Yeah, it sure does. I'll have to check it out next time I need to do some research for a story. I love stilettos too.

    Charles: Aren't we all, big guy, aren't we all.

    M: Or 50 ways to keep your lover.

    Cosmo was good once...until Conde Naste got its grubby little hands on it and it into some trashy.

    Remember, Tina Brown used to edit Cosmos (I think),

  5. Vinyl 45's were 25 cents and 33 1/3 albums (or were they 78's) were $5 at the most. I am old:)

  6. G.A.: The cheapest I remember 45's being was $1.25.

    Right now, to buy a new 45 (and you can get them) range in price from $3 to $5.

  7. Well I'm not into long hair but yoga pants on the right body can be very appealing, but it's all to do with the back view. :D

  8. Very expensive vinyl!
    Boo for stretch pants- hate them plus allergic to spandex!

    Yay for long hair! Still have some even if folks say older folks shouldn't on tv- Know I'll cry when it has to go...

    I never get to the mall since the kids have moved out!

  9. Snaggle: Vinyl is the new money maker for record companies and musicians.

    While I love vinyl, I can't see myself spending that much money on either new or reissue releases. It's just not worth it.


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