Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Two Turntables And I Ain't Scared To Use 'Em

One of the main reasons why I wanted to purge and clean out my den last June (and in the process get completely wasted and sick), was that I wanted to be able to listen to my monster record collection. Prior to this past June, my music and stereo were spread out on two floors/three locations in my house: the 45's (about 1200+) located in the dining room, the majority of my LP's (about 1700+) located in the cellar buried in back of a pallet of old booze and the remaining LP's (about 500+) and two turntables located in my soon-to-be man cave.

So after doing a ginormous non-medical three day purge of the contents of my soon-to-be man cave and some killer vacuuming, coupled with the three hour titanic non-food binge, I had my music set up to where I could properly access it. Not only was I finally able to figure out just exactly what the hell I had (for the first time in five years), but I inadvertently created a nice place where I could play bad air guitar, bad air bass and bad air drums.

Anywho, I also found a great place to put my two turntables. Originally they were just to left of me and my computer, but after the remodel, they wound up on top of the 45 record cabinet.

About the turntables. Ever since my one piece stereo (turntable/cassette/AM-FM tuner) vanished while I was moving back to Newington in 2004, I've been on a major search and destroy for either a new turntable plus components or a one piece stereo to play my vinyl on. I succeeded in the late 2000's by buying a combined turntable/radio tuner/cassette/CD player & burner stereo. So I spent some time not only to listening to my music but burning CD's as well. Eventually I gave up using the turntable as the cheap stylus (plastic) wore out, and just concentrated on the CD player portion.

This went on for a few more years, until I was able to buy one of those turntables that I could hook into my computer and burn CD's/listen to music via my computer. However, we did a slight swerve as we took a few of the funky colored wires that came with it and hooked up the turntable through the seldom used one piece stereo.

Presto! Instant semi-killer stereo system!

Or so I thought. In my haste to get a decent stereo system up and running, I neglected to think about one very key concern: speakers.

That's right boys and girls. I was so wrapped up in getting my turntable up and running that I completely forgot about getting separate speakers (and thus having twin stereo sound) in my man cave. So the end result is now a crappy stereo sound in my man cave and a unhappy camper.

But... there was a little light at the end of the long dark tunnel. Even though I had a crappy stereo sound that mostly drove me batty, I did have that one key accessory that all people need if they want to play air guitar or air drums without bothering the outside world.


So now all is right with my world, because now not only do I have a semi-killer stereo system but I have a pair of killer headphones that will help me properly fry out my brain cells, whether I listen to 45s, LPs, or CDs.

I tell you, not only is music a beautiful thing but it can push you to do things that you long thought were too aggravating or tedious to do.


  1. When I got rid of all my LPs and 45s, I kept a few of each that I knew would never be re-issued on CDs. I bought a little one-piece record player to play them on, which I do occasionally. They are irreplaceable to me!

  2. I don't think I've ever done air guitar, being more on the hip hop side of things, than rock.

    I know all about good headphones. We are a family of Dr Dre Beats headphones. The sound is amazing. But i prefer to listen to my music through speakers, I only use headphones when I'm dji-ng or travelling on a plane.

  3. Debra: That's a pretty cool thing to do. I really do enjoy my vinyl and the grand plan in the future, when I have both time and money, is to covert my vinyl to c.d. I have about two dozen done so far, which I really play to death at work.

    Joe: Makes sense to use them for a narrowly defined purpose. Whenever I had speakers throughout the years, I really enjoyed that dual blasting of the internal sound system. But since I got crappy ones now, headphones are the only way to go.

  4. The very word turntable brings back such wistfulness of a time gone by. A time I fondly recall. Maybe tech has made the music clearer (and I'm appreciative) but the magic has been lost with the needle scratch, time delay of the right groove being found, and that spinning vinyl.

  5. I'm a big fan of air guitar myself. I once thought of turning pro. :)

  6. That's pretty cool that you have your own space for music now. And I'm sure your family appreciates the headphones. :)

  7. David: So very true. I've had some of my best adventures when it came to properly recording vinyl to cassette. Having to find just the right spot to cue the record without a neutral slot was always an adventure.

    I'll take the pops, hisses and hiccups over c.d.'s any day of the week.

    Lynn: It's been quite a few decades in the making in trying to create a private spot to listen to my music.

    And yes, my family appreciates the headphones...except when I'm singing to the song.

    Charles: Pro? That would be excellent! I play a mean bass myself. :D

  8. WOW. You could start a museum with that collection. Hooray for headphones!

  9. That is ALOT of square footage of vinyl! Bet it wouldn't fit in here now-

    I prob have only 50 LPs, n 100 45's. But I have tons of cassettes, n VHS, then there's cds, dvds, n books.

    Glad you got a decent set-up worked out for all your stuff. Hope some speakers get in there soon also-
    Music is wonderful, so true!

  10. M: Yeah, I probably could at that. :D

    Snaggle: Always had a soft spot for vinyl. Haven't had the time and/or the money to buy some lately, so it hasn't grown as much as I want it to.

  11. It's not "bad" air guitar. It's BAD-ASS air guitar! ;-)


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