Saturday, June 21, 2008

"What? You have more to say about yourself?"

Yeah, there is a tiny bit more to say about myself.

A lot of people have always wondered what I look like, especially from the online forums. I was always a bit leery about posting a picture of myself, since I've spent the better part of my online existence shooting off my mouth. And I've always admired people who had the wherewithal to post pictures of themselves.

Last time I posted a picture of a family member, someone who took exception to what I posted about rap music, fired off about 20 consecutive posts that were exceptionally nasty.

But since we're all adults here (well, most of you are), I would like to share with everyone, a picture of me and my family. This photo was taken in 2001 at my daughter's baptism. From left to right, me, my daughter, my son and my wonderful wife.

Whereas my children have obviously gotten older and my wife has gotten mellower in the proceeding years, I have not. I am now, what you see there in the picture. I am very much bald, I wear glasses, and have the same mustache. In essence, I look like a suburban version of David Crosby, except without the musical talent and money.

And I still have that Loony Toons tie.


  1. What? no commentz?!
    That's a fun shot, suburban Crosby!
    I have a few ancient ones posted also, some from even many decades ago-

  2. Yeah, no comments.

    Gotta remember, this was posted less than a month after I started my blog.

    At the time, I was still a potent (if not downright lethal) presence in the chat rooms, so people didn't really know about the blog yet.

    I have very few pictures of me floating around my house, and of the few, this now eight year old shot is the best of a very bad lot.

    I have one I took during my vacation from last year that I might use to scare people with later in the summer.

  3. What a sweet picture! You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks.

    Only photo of me floating around the 'net. I even use this one for the one story I got published on the 'net.


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