Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why I like to write chapbooks & novellas

I find it's much easier for me to write chapbooks/novellas (chapbooks are stories with a word count of 8,000-14,000; novellas 14,000 to about 20,000+), than it is to write traditional short stories. With a traditional short story, you basically have to get the end before you can develop the beginning or the middle (which is why I detest writing them to begin with). An nontraditional short story gives one the opportunity to develop all parts and come to a satisfactory conclusion.

The beauty about writing a chapbook-style story, is that it can serve a dual function. One, it can be a stand alone story. Two, you can use it as an outline, in case you ever want to convert it into a novella or a novel.

I would like to with you, a chapbook-type story that I wrote in 2007. I've entered it into a couple of contests, but like everything else, has come up empty. No matter though, as I'm in the process of fleshing this out and creating a dual plotted novel with it.

Entitled "A Betrayal of Vows", it tells the basic story of a marriage gone sour, when one spouse is caught cheating on another, with tragic results.

Disclaimer: This story contains some inappropriate language. If that type of stuff offends you, then please don't read the story.

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