Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Golden Texas Tea" (pg 10)

Part 2

With the furiously heavy quadraphonic sound of hardcore rap preceding her, Malibu roared into the driveway at breakneck speed. Screeching to a stop, the car door blew open and two suitcases went flying out to the payment, which were soon followed by Malibu being shoved to the ground. The driver hurled a few expletives in the general direction of Malibu, who was slowly picking herself up from the grass, before throwing the car into reverse. Burning rubber, he threw the purse out through the sunroof, nailing her square in the head and knocking her out cold.

Azalea flew out the door, with the intent of giving Malibu what for, when she caught the tail end of the violent confrontation. Alarmed at her condition, Azalea ran over to give medical assistance. Picking her up, she sat that Malibu's eyes were starting to roll backwards, so she quickly grabbed under her arms and began dragging her into the house.

As this was going on, Jey came out and said, "So this is the bimbo that's supposed to be watching us while you're gone?"

Hissing in the affirmative, Azalea told him to grab the legs and help drag her inside. Entering the living room, they struggled to get Malibu on to the couch. Finally succeeding after twenty minutes of struggling, Jey began propping her up with a couple of pillows while Azalea grabbed a cold pitcher of water from the kitchen.

Reappearing, she first slapped Malibu a couple of times before emptying the entire contents on her head, as Jey laughed in approval.

"What the hell are you trying to do, drown me?" sputtered Malibu as she attempted to get up but failed miserably.

"Shut your face. I do not want to know what just happened outside. Get some sleep, because you will be getting up bright and early tomorrow, to see the children off to school. Do I make myself clear, crystal or otherwise?" she said icily.

Not wanting Azalea to get any angrier than she already was, Malibu simply said, "Yes, crystal clear. I will see you in the morning. Good night." and headed over to the love sofa, where she promptly crashed, curled up into a little ball and fell fast asleep.

Befuddled, Azalea told Jey, "Get to bed, because I'm going to bed to get at least a few hours of shut eye before catching my early morning flight."

The morning arrived way too soon, as Azalea had some serious problems with alertness. Eventually, she was ale to get her tired body up, get it showered and get it dressed, so that she would get to the airport early enough to catch a few z's.

To make that goal a reality, she called for a taxi, who said that someone would be there in about fifteen minutes. Hanging up, she went to the children's rooms to say her goodbyes. Going to Jen's first, she briefly woke her up to say goodbye and give her a big hug and a kiss. Heading to Jey's, she did the same thing and added that a note would be left for him on the refrigerator explaining why he'll be late to school today.


  1. She's leaving the children with this ...piece of work? YIKES.

  2. Thanks for the compliments.

    Coming from people who really know their writing, this means a lot to me.


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