Thursday, October 9, 2008

Political Zealotry 101

This post will unique in a couple of different ways:

1) It's about politics
2) There is no disclaimer but the tone is nevertheless angry.

That said, let's begin at the beginning.

When I originally created my blog, I made a conscious decision not to talk about politics on the national level. People have a tendency to get incredibly anal and totally hysterical while defending Obama (yes, Obama, because I don't see none of this crap with McCain) or when they're bashing GWB.

It seems like if you even remotely bring up any legitimate negative point, the Obama zealots go after you and do a massive gang banger machete attack, leaving you drawn and quartered in the dust. The end result is usually that most people keep quiet for fear of being similarly stomped into the ground.

This is an indisputable fact that the Obama zealots/GWB haters do in the chat rooms. I have both witnessed and experienced first hand these sickening machete attacks.

Because of these experiences, I have purposely stated away from any blog that is politically unbalanced. There are a few blogs that I do follow, that although the creators are Obama followers, they aren't nasty or sanctimonious about it.

Yesterday (10/8) I was reading one of my favorite blogs, written by someone who is well balanced politically, which means she is respectful of all viewpoints. The particular post I was reading was what she called, "live blogging". What that means is that she was blogging about a particular event as it was unfolding in front of her, in this case the Presidential debate.

So I was reading some of the snide comments that were being made about both McCain and Palin and I must admit, they were starting to bother me. Normally, I would let this kind of stuff slide in the blog world, due to the fact that I'm a relative newcomer to blogging and I'm trying to build a solid reader base for my blog. It's also a fact (known to my close online friends) that I can really push people's buttons at the drop of the hat.

This time, I decided to ask a legitimate question about a couple of Obama's associates/friends: Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers.

The next day, I find a lengthy response which glosses over my question, and instead lists the same lame and tired arguments that have been put forth by numerous Obama zealots on numerous chat room threads.

I responded to that person's comments by saying that I didn't appreciate being dumped on in someone else's blog, and that I would be more than happy to continue it on their blog or mine.

What I wanted to say, but didn't out of respect to the person whose blog this appeared on, was this.

Listen you hypocritical zealot, I asked a legitimate question and you didn't answer it. So I'll ask it again, this time with more detail put into it and I dare you to explain it away.

Rev Wright: How is Obama's association with this man not relevant to the issue of character? Do you honestly believe that his distancing himself from this man this year, really puts this to rest? How can you believe his assertions that he didn't really know the man's viewpoints? Good lord, the man was Obama's pastor for 20 odd years and that he performed his marriage.

Bill Ayers: The man is a legitimate unrepentant domestic terrorist who co-founded the Weather Underground and admitted to participating in bombing the Pentagon. This jerk is currently polluting the minds of the younger generation as a college professor, and was recently featured in a magazine photo standing on the American flag. Again, how can you honestly believe that Obama didn't know the man's background, when documents and public records say otherwise?
Slight change in the ground rules here: I don't moderate comments, but please try to keep the word count at a respectable level and keep the tone civil. And also, please try to stay on the topic of my two questions. That is all I can ask of anyone who chooses to visit and comment.

One more thing: Be respectable of my views and I'll be more than respectable of yours. Don't try to get into a slug fest with me, because I've seen it all and did it all in the chat rooms, and I have no qualms in applying the same techniques that I used there, here.


  1. Interesting! I just went over and read it! It got pretty messy in there huh! I really should have come in with my "I am English!" attitude and seen what had happened! I always miss the fun ones...

  2. I'm surprised you were able to figure out which one I was talking about, as I tried to be respectful enough not to include any links to it or too many identifiable features of it.

  3. we SHOULD be able to voice our opinions, and be treated with respect at the same time. Good for you.

  4. Firstly...let me stick to the questions. :) I would assume that, since no one can know for sure what goes through a politician's head, the most common response you are going to get to either Bill Ayers or Rev Wright is that "There is no way to know what Obama knows about either of them for sure." Unfortunately, I think his associations with these two men may be more of a couple of tick marks against him that don't warrant too much of place in any debate. Yes, they were bad judgments on his part, but he hasn't said what they have said, or done what they have that is really where then character flaws begin and end.

    I DO agree with you, though. Baaaad judgment in political associations. It should have just been common sense not to mention them on the campaign trail.

  5. Yeah I worked it out fairly quickly by association of me being uber intelligent...and that I go to her site sometimes and came across it after I read your post during a super slow day at work filled with amazing surfing abilities.

  6. Terra,

    The problem that I find is he really has done anything to sufficiently explain his associations.

    Re: Wright, he can't simply repudiate a man he has personally known for 20 odd years just like that, and expect everyone to take what he says at face value.

    Re: Ayers, there so much to this issue that I'll simply say this: Hugo Chavez admires this repugnant individual's viewpoints.

    You do bring up some interesting questions though. Many thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinions.


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