Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Golden Texas Tea" (pg 9)

Two hours later, the meeting was over and done. Getting up from the chair, Azalea decided to stretch out a little before going back upstairs. Slowly arching her back and stretching her arms, she once again became every teenage boy's fantasy. Confirmed by Jey, the one word statement uttered (WOW!) made her blush a deep shade of red. Recoiling, she stammered an apology and dashed out of the kitchen, hell bent on spending the rest of the night in her room packing and meditating.

Running to the stairs, she almost ran over Jen, who was waiting for her brother to help with her homework.

"Sorry sweetie, I didn't see you standing there. Are you alright?"

Brushing herself off, she threw her a dirty look and said, "Yes." before going into the kitchen.

Ignoring the dirty look, she said rather insincerely, "Good. I'll be upstairs packing in case you need me for anything."

Azalea made it to the bedroom and quickly shut the door. She thought about locking it, but opted for hanging a 'Do Not Disturb' sign instead. Closing the door again, she began pacing around like a caged animal on the prowl, all the while trying to rationalize out loud what just happened in the kitchen.

Remember girl, you did nothing wrong down there. The boy was simply making a comment about your bodacious body, that's all! You should be proud about the fact that at the age of forty-seven, you still can make a young boy's head turn. Imagine what you could do to an adult with that same bodacious body. Now relax, you've got a big trip in store for yourself tomorrow.

Agreeing with herself, Azalea decided that jamming to some seriously good music was called for right now. Turning on the stereo, she popped in a disc of mid-80's heavy soul. As the pulsating rhythm of heavy soul pounded the bedroom and penetrated her psyche, she began to sensuously sway to the beat as the feeling of catching an ocean breeze on a hot summer day at the beach began to cool her down. So sensual were these emotions that she spend the next two hours meditating for her trip, until her inner peace was shattered by the arrival of Malibu at 11:30p

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