Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Do the world a favor today and practice population control by decimating one segment of the poultry population.

Your choice of turkey or goose.

Or, if your speed is non-poultry, then practice population control by decimating the porcine population by 1%.

In any event, have an enjoyable day, and remember to be careful out there, because death by constipation doesn't look good on a death certificate, and will definitely tarnish your memory for generations to come.



  1. Death by constipation.... loved it! (The line that is.)


  2. Thanks.

    For those who don't really understand the line, an episode of the Sopranos has a capo dying of heart attack on the toilet brought on by constipation....Thanksgivng day.

  3. I'm IN!!! (That was awesome.)

    Have a great, great day, Georgie!!!!!

  4. Happy turkey strangling day Georgie (and the rest of you American peeps!). I am surpemely jealous as I am a huge fan of turkey (the food, not the country) and have to wait until Christmas Day to get my fix.

  5. Thanks Sy.

    Turkey strangling that would really go over well on a chat thread about animal rights.


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