Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Golden Texas Tea" (pg 22)

"Right now, I would like to offer my sincere apologies for the way we behaved towards you. Only now, has everything been truly explained to us, that you were never at fault for what had happened between our parents. So let me finish this little speech by offering you the one elusive item you were searching for from us for the past four years: Respect. Step-mom, you were the greatest. We love you bunches and we will truly miss you, but most importantly, you will live on forever in our memories as a cherished member of our family."

A steady stream of friends and distant relatives came slowly through the receiving line to pay their respects to the immediate family before paying their prolonged respects to Azalea. There were only three people who weren't completely cracked by her death standing in the receiving line: Walter's ex-wife, Wanda Gibson, and two former co-workers from way back; Ray Jefferson and George Sebastian. Everyone else who was extremely close to her, ranged from slightly incapacitated to completely devastated, so they weren't able to help with any receiving of people for the next two days.

On the second day, Malibu Miller was finally able to pull herself together long enough so that she could pay her respects to Azalea. Walking very slowly, Malibu just about made it through the receiving line, before completely collapsing from the strain of seeing the finality of it all.

Ray and George rushed over to render assistance, each one grabbing an arm for support. George asked if she wanted to continue with the viewing or did she want to be brought over to a chair for recovery purposes.

"I want to continue with the viewing. I'm only good for another twenty minutes before doing a complete crash and burn, so help me over to her...casket." she said haltingly as the finality of the moment began to take a serious hold on her.

Approaching the casket, Malibu knelt down at the prayer podium. Making the sign of the cross, she then pulled out a bandanna which she then wrapped around her hands as she brought them together for prayer. As she began, the floodgates opened and her body convulsed from the overwhelming outpouring of grief that she was experiencing.

Collapsing to the ground from the emotional pain, Malibu was a wreck. George and Ray quickly ran over to help Malibu up, but she had a death grip on one of the casket handles.


  1. I like this. I wonder if the reader might be given some more description of her grief at the end. I think that might be effective.

    Just a thought.

  2. Thanks. That really means a lot to me.

    I believe I do give a little bit more about it in the end.

    But it is a very good thought to offer, as this is one of about four more stories I plan on re-working. I'll take any and all advice I can get about my writing.

  3. I'm on page 14!

    Fraid to go to bed here in case Ray-Ray's lurking.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Goad we stumbled on each other.

    Jannie xo

  4. And I'm glad we stumbled on to each other as well.

    Hope you had a Happy New Year's Eve.



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