Sunday, January 4, 2009

If It Ain't Broke, Fix It!

Now, doesn't that look wonderfully peaceful? It sure does to me. I received this from a chat room friend of mine who goes by the name of River Spirit earlier this year.

Definitely does lift the spirits don't it?

Now, take a deep breath, hold for a minute. Now exhale.

Ready? Got that paper bag nearby? Good. Because what I'm about say next may start you to hyperventilate.

After giving it some careful thought and mulling it over in my mind, I have decided to once again, tweak the content of my blog.

For starters, the short story post will go on a brief hiatus. I have two more stories that I would like to share with everyone, but I do want them to last for at least a year, so for the time being no more short stories until about March.

I also want to get this blog back to one of the original reasons I created it: writing. To that end, I have a few things I would like to explore. First up will be the addition of some creative non-fiction to the mix. It probably won't be flash fiction length (500 words I believe), but I will strive to keep the length under 2,000.
Also, since I restarted my second novel, I would like to start sharing my thoughts and experiences with everyone about it. The motive behind this is two fold: 1) I would like to pick the minds of my fellow readers for advice and tidbits, and 2) I'm a notorious procrastinator when it comes to writing sometimes. While I can really churn the stuff out when my life is in a state of semi-turmoil, it is a bit harder when my life is not. I figure if I have to talk and give updates about it, this will help motivate me to write. If I can talk the talk, I should be able to walk the walk.
Finally, I think I will be dropping the "Anger Management Issue" rants and the "Relationship" topic as well. The first one has basically run its course, mostly because ranting isn't quite my forte. Same goes for "Relationships". I have mined that to the extent of what I feel comfortable talking about, and I don't want to start getting redundant about it either.
In place of the "Anger Management Issue" rants, will be my personal Op/Ed pieces called, "Personal Opinion". They will cover most everything else that I come across on a daily basis either in the Real World or the Cyber World. In place of the "Relationship" topic, will be everything else that I currently write about, as those topics can fill in the void left by this eliminated topic.
I would like to thank everyone for their support of my blog for last year, and hopefully for your continued support this year.


  1. I'm a procrastinator when it comes to writing also. Yesterday, I determined I was going to write 2,000 words before sundown and I managed to accomplish it. Feels good. I think I will lower the bar today and just shoot for 700 or so... I think your changes for your blog sound right on.

  2. Thanks.

    Yesterday, the only thing I was determine to do, was get some writing done. Didn't matter how much, so long as I did.

    When I got done with my morning/afternoon errands, I was able to concentrate enough to re-write one and half pages into two.

    I think that will be my regular goal: minimum one page of rewrite per day. Hopefully within a couple of weeks, I should be able to finish where I got stuck at previously.

  3. I've actually been allowing myself a break from writing daily, except for blogging type stuff, for the past week. I go back to school on Monday and I needed a few days just to relax and read. I'll be getting back to it soon. I also find a modest goal is best for me.

  4. That's cool. Sometimes taking a short break from doing what you like, helps recharge the batteries.

    As for my blog, I've gotten into a comfortable routine of scheduling a lot of my posts, so that I can concentrate a little more on my writing.

    A modest goal is good. I think my problem in the past has been that I had set such high goals for myself, that I would inevitably take multiple steps back in trying to reach them.

  5. I had to tweak my blog, too, recently, when I was pouring more creative energy into it than my fiction. My blog and I have a better relationship now :-)

    Good luck with your projects!

  6. Looks like a lot of positive changes going on here with the New Year. It's great to give a blog a strong focus. Good luck, and happy writing!

  7. Pink: I can understand that. When I first started my blog, I was going full tilt makeing about a dozen posts a week.

    Like you, I was pouring more into the blog than I was my writing.

    I think that with these upcoming changes, I've found that happy medium between my writing and my blogging.

    Joanne: Thanks. A lot of the other blogs I follow (including yours), have a relatively good focus on what they exactly are and what they want to be. I think that's what I want to try get mine into being.

    I originally had it focused on writing and getting published; chat rooms, work and relationships. Then I spiraled off into other tangents.

    Now, I want to come full circle and get back to where it was, with just a few minor changes to it. Hopefully it will be for the better.

  8. Hey, Georgie, it's your blog and only you know best how to tweak it. I admire you knowing what's best for you!

  9. Thanks.

    I think people will like the changes as it will let them participate a little bit beyond making just informative and enlightening comments.


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