Friday, December 5, 2008

I Done Got Myself Tagged For The Third Time. Kewl!


Laura from "Under The Sheets-Shhh" tagged me today with something called the Kreativ Blogger award. Among other things, it an award give to bloggers that "show an ability to write in a unique and interesting way in a voice that is all their own."

Now as being one of five who was tagged, I have to say six random things about myself. Since I've been talking about myself since day one, this is going to be a bit difficult, but I'm going to give it the old college try.

1) I grew up listening to 60's folk music/70's country music. A lot of people find it odd when I tell them that my four favorite musicians from that period are: The Kingston Trio, The Seekers, Peter, Paul and Mary, and The Statler Bros., especially after I get done listening to say, The Dead Kennedys or Motorhead.

2) What I read for certain genres would make you scratch your head in confusion. The very first genre I really got into was True Crime, and the various offshoots thereof. Right now, what I do read, when I got the time, is Historical Fiction, regular Fiction and the odd Non-Fiction. I started exploring the Romance genre for the first time in my life this past summer, and let me tell you, trying to find something that a guy could read without being laughed at, is an exercise in creativity.

3) I am very much into vinyl. I have about 2,000 LP's and about 700 45's which I'm currently putting to C.D. You name the genre, I probably have a representative of it. Among the genres I have in my collection, besides the requisite rock, are: soul (70's & 80's), funk, English punk, California punk, heavy metal, old time country, pop, novelty, jazz, true R & B, barbershop, classical, 80's country, and zydeco, just to name a few.

4) I am cursed with a photographic memory. Which means that at work, I have all 420 employees that I do payroll for memorized. Which also means that the new mini series that I'm doing here, called informally The Library Chronicles, will be done from memory with a detail that will leave everyone wondering just exactly what is wrong with this person.

5) I dig children's programming from the 70's through the 90's. Some of which I watched while growing up and some of which I watched with my children while they were growing up and some of which I got hooked into while an adult (Shining Time Station comes to mind, with Ringo Starr as opposed to George Carlin).

6) And for something completely different, and very personal (many thanks goes to Merelyme for giving me the confidence to do this). I was diagnosed with CMT back in January of this year. Right now it's centered in my hands, which has created numerous problems, most of which are only going to get worse as I grow older. I do expect it to spread to other parts of my body, namely my legs and feet, and we shall deal with that bridge when we cross it. The one thing that it hasn't affected so far, is my ability to type. Don't ask why, as my hands have lost about 15% of their muscle tone, have dead spots in the fingers, dexterity is zip and my hands are permanently humped. However, we have persevered and God willing, will continue to persevere and pound out pleasant and thoughtful things for you to read in your spare time.

Once again, many thanks to Laura for the tag.


  1. Good to learn a bit more about you.

  2. 2,000 Lps - impressive. It was nice to have such large artwork on those covers.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the CMT. I don't know anyone in my family who has that but oddly enough I seem to be exhibiting some of the symptoms in my feet. They just told me it was periphreal neuropathy, but maybe I should check into this.

  4. Travis: Thanks. I didn't think I had anything left to mine, but lo and behold, I found a few more goodies.

    Jannie: Most definitely. Artwork is so lost on CD's nowadays, but vinyl is the only way to truly appreciate it.

    Charles: I've always had a touch of neuropathy in my legs, dating back when I used to wear a belt and make it super tight on my legs (about 30 odd years or so)

    There is really one good test to check for muscle weakness/neuropathy, which is called a ECT (I think). Basically, they stick you with a needle and run electricity through you.

    Pure torture as I had it done to me twice. But it did pinpoint my hand and leg problems.

  5. Cursed with a photographic memory? Georgie B, I should be so lucky!

  6. Too fast with the enter finger again--just wanted to say the CMT does sound like a curse, but your attitude is wonderful.

  7. Man, I loved Shining Time Station. I really liked Schemer and his nickel fetish. I love old stream trains.


  8. Christine: Thanks for the compliments. You should of seen how black my humor was in the days/weeks afterwards.

    11 months later, I've modified what I do in my day-to-day activities, and I try not to dwell on it too much.

    Yes, photographic memory. It means I sometimes get relied on a little too much during work, but it really helps with my writing in ways too numerous to count off.

    Truth: The guy who played Schemer really is a funny comedian. I caught on t.v. somewhere in the 90's, and I was really impressed.

    I first got into the show specifically due to Ringo Starr doing it. After he decided to do his All-Star band touring gig, that's when it went a little downhill, with the bringing in of George Carlin.

  9. Ringo Starr is the voice of my ironic teenage it's OK to like Sesame Street as long as you wink ironically years...because my big thing was to watch Thomas the Tank Engine narrated by Mr Starr (with peace and love), and in Grade 12 English, I got an A for writing about with august seriousness...

    Big ups Mr Starr

  10. Interesting.

    I liked both Ringo Starr as Mr. Conductor and the films themselves. Always liked that kind of live action film.

    Also like the "Winds in the Willows" t.v. series as well.

    I can still get into Sesame Street every now and then.

  11. Nice and informative post!

    You neglected to mention your being a serial killer with over 500 victims though... guess your memory isn't as "photographic" as you thought?

    Oh, wait, was I supposed to mention that? My bad.


  12. Darn, you found out my secret identity.

    Now I'll have to come visit you and have that little "chat" that I've been meaning to have since last year.


  13. That dude who played Schemer was a stand up comic? I wish I had seen that act. Ringo was good as Mr. Conductor. George Carlin seemed a little to old and raspy, but he was alright.

    My favorite train was Percy.


  14. Ahhh...memories of our Adulthood.

    Makes me want to go search my public library for the original stories.


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