Sunday, December 7, 2008

What In The World Is Oozing From Your Ears?


Once again, I find myself searching for something meaty to write about. And occasionally, I find that what I got rumbling around my head, doesn't quite cut it for a stand alone post.

So without further ado, random snippets about my life.

1) Writing: This past weekend, I finally got motivated enough to actually start writing my first original story in over a year. What motivated me, you may ask? Well, it was something very small, but quite earnest: the comments I got for a short piece of creative non-fiction I wrote for this blog a week ago. They were positive enough for me to try hand at writing in a different style. It may not work, but at least I'll have the satisfaction of creating something besides this blog.

2) Speaking of this blog, I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to stop by and read my little blog. I would also like to thank the two new followers that I'd picked up over the past week, as well as the new readers that I'd recently found out that they've been visiting here too. I found that simply posting a link to one of those neat websites that promotes blogs, helps me present my blog to a whole new world of readers out there. I highly recommend trying for your blog (many thanks to Sy for the suggestion). I also recommend visiting other blogs and making yourself known. You just might find someone like me stopping by for a visit to say "hi". Who knows, I might find your blog interesting enough to feature a link on mine, or at the very least, stick it in my profile.

3) Novel: My novel is going better than I expected. Many thanks to all of you out there who have made a purchase, either from me or elsewhere. You are truly appreciated. It's going to be a long road, but I hope you'll stick it out with me. I'm getting a quite a few hits to the other blog and I appreciate that as well. It may not translate into something right off the bat, but if it helps bring at least one person over here that might take the plunge later, then it did its job.

4) Chat rooms: I spent a long holiday weekend trying to make peace with a particular poster who I had raked over the coals this past spring (please see the Topix label for all of the gruesome details). It was really draining as this particular poster is one of the more cerebral, yet slightly off-balanced, person that I've had the (mis)fortune of meeting. I did not succeed in my endeavor, but I hope at the very least that we came to a mutual understanding about things. I also had the unfortunate experience of having a Internet troll come visit my blog and leave nasty comments. Because of this, I am now moderating my comments. Not happy about this, but I will not let someone turn my blog into a spam playground.

5) Relationships: My RW friendships are going through a period of down right now. With the holiday fast approaching and the uncertainty of work, everyone's stress level has increased dramatically. So for the time being, I'm trying to give everyone a slight reprieve from the land of me. Hopefully, once everyone starts getting their stuff sorted out to their satisfaction (which includes me), things will get back on track. Cyber space, different story. With the exception of that one particular cerebral poster, things are going along swimmingly. I managed to reconnect with a lot of old faces from my past, and hopefully, people will forgive and forget what happened previously.

6) And finally, the real me: The real me has been trying to merge together both worlds (Real World and the Cyber World) and for the most part its been working better than I had expected. I'm behaving myself at work, mostly because I'm trying to get a particular item removed from my files, and I'm behaving myself online, which I hope in the long run translates into something permanently sustainable.

However, as you are no doubt aware, me behaving myself makes Cedar's Mountain a non-lively blog.

Expect me to rectify that in the very near future.


  1. Good luck on your new story. I have started my first full length novel and after years of writing short stories and flash fiction it's quite a challenge.

  2. Thanks.

    It's kind of funny, but I find writing anything under 10,000 words a challenge.

    But I'm always up for a challenge. If I can write a short story that clocks in at 1,500 words, then I can certainly try to write something that comes in under 5,000 words.

    Good luck with your novel. I've found that the novel (or chapbook) always allows me the best opportunity to flesh out my story.

  3. I usually don't read too many blogs on Sundays but yours definitely caught my attention. Yes, cyber space can bring creeps from out of the walls. I moderated my comments for awhile to avoid that whole spam thing.
    And good luck with the novel. Since doing nano, revising and editing is about all I'm doing, along with a little blogging.

  4. Good luck on yours as well.

    This one is more of a pest from the chat rooms. He started doing his schtick about two weeks ago, so it forced me to moderate at both of my blogs.

    I don't really mind doing it. I don't like it doing it, especially as I participate in a chat room where comments are moderated, but I'm not gonna let this person ruin my blog with his juvenile stuff.

    And thanks for stopping by today. Glad I was able to make your day.

  5. Yes, good luck with the novel. It's a whole differente level of experience and enjoyment for me, between novels and short stories.

  6. Thanks.

    Just curious, which do you prefer to do more of: novels or short stories?

  7. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  8. Susan,

    I sincerely thank your stopping by to read my blog. I'm glad I was able to peak your interest enough for you to become a regular reader.

    And I thank you for the compliment.

  9. I am so, so , so , so sorry. I messed up and spammed your comment on my 10 Honest Things. Dang - I shouldn't get in there rooting around when I'm this tired. Anyway I am so sorry. If you care to come back and comment again I would forever like you even more than I already do.

    And this comment is totally off topic as I don't even have time to read your post yet because Jim is leaving for Nova Scotia tomorrow and I've got to get up at 3:30 a.m. so he can leave the house at 4:00 And the past 2 days have been jam-packed with pre-trip stuff.


    And again, sorry about spamming you. The worst of it is I didn't even get to read your comment. boo, hoo.

  10. Not to worry.

    Left you a thoughtful response on yours.

    Get some rest for yourself and hit me again when you're running on all cylinders.

    I'll still be here.

  11. Nobody could ever accuse you of having a non-lively blog my friend! Whoowee do I have a lot to catch up!

  12. Thank you, Ms. Crseum.

    I do like to find a happy medium when I blog. I like to have a good balance between sensible posts and posts that are just stretching a large rubber band to the outermost limits.

    Never worry, I do have a few things rumbling around my head for the future.

  13. I would not call this a non-lively blog, not at all, you Silly!

    I like your Azeala tales. And the "real you" ones too, your sense of humor is very apparent. Microfilm transference rules!.

  14. Well, thank you.

    99% of the time the blog is lively and fun. It's that one percent that has a tendency to drive me ga-ga.

    Right now, that 1% is permeating all aspects of my life, so I have to be a bit more careful when I blog. Nobody really wants to experience that 1% of me, because usually my tolerance level for things is zero, and my normal level of sarcasm drops down to a level of something that I keep very well hidden.

    So, like I said, expect me to rectify this situation in the very near future.


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