Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Saturday" (pg 5)

Picking bits of tar from my face, I answered, "Just now? Or earlier?"
"What do you mean, just now?" said the bear, who didn't know about earlier.

Seeing that the bear had moved in a few inches after he'd asked his question, I quickly decided that lying was not a viable option. Carefully switching positions so that if I needed to get I could, I said brightly, "I had a fight about forty-five minutes ago with some bushes and a tree."
"Bushes and a tree."
"Nothing else?" At this point the bear shifted positions and moved in closer.

Worried, I moved back so as to get a better jump, just in case. Clearing my throat, I continued in the same bright tone. "From earlier?"
"Yes," he said forcefully.
"Well...I trudged through the bushes and trees, dodging the rocks that were being thrown, before coming out the other end."
"So why were you covered with branches and twigs a little while ago?"
"Excuse me?" He now stood up and started walking around me in a circle.
I stood up as well, since I didn't want to take whatever it was he wanted to deliver lying down. As a matter of fact, I started to walk slowly towards the bridge, where I knew that a small dart gun was stored in a buried locker.

He noticed this and said in a hostile tone, "Come back here you. I still have a few more questions to ask."
"Sorry, I got to be going now. It's," I briefly looked at my cell phone for the time, "ten thirty and I still have a long way to go."
Growling, he stopped his pacing and instead, took steps in my direction. I quickened my pace towards the bridge, which in turn made him up his to a trot. Seeing that he was closing the gap between us, I did the only thing left to me at my disposal.

I ran.

Not in a direct path, since he would have caught up with me in nothing flat and had me for his personal play toy. Instead, I zigzagged to the bridge, hoping that he would wear himself out trying to follow directly behind me.

Briefly looking over my shoulder, I saw to my horror that he wasn't following directly behind me, but instead headed straight towards the bridge. I immediately changed my zigzag to a path of interception and accelerated my stride.

I was about ten feet away when I saw he was about to reach that buried locker and the dart gun enclosed within. With a burst of energy, I launched a flying tackle at his legs, with the intent of knocking him off his feet, or at the very least slowing him down.
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